11th Congressional District Debate

[liveblog]For anyone that wants to follow along at home, I’ll be live blogging the 11th Congressional District Republican Debate hosted by the Cobb County Young Republicans.  Hopefully I won’t have any technical glitches. Things are about to get underway.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I began reading bottom up chronologically order. When I got to Lindsey: “Who in the room believes we should abandon the FairTax?” No one raises their hand–it was clear the event was entertainment for the bubble crowd that didn’t merit any more time.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      PS – Just to be clear, no disparagement of the live blog intended. The effort is appreciated.

  2. northside101 says:

    Someone, please some enlightenment on this matter (as I am not a finance expert). Wouldn’t implementation of a “fair tax” require a constitutional amendment? You know, that two-thirds/three-fourths thing (two-thirds of Congress, three-fourths of states)? Seems pretty daunting to get those numbers these days, especially since it is hard to think of any sizable number of Democrats who would back it in Congress, and without a lot of D support, it would never happen since there is no way GOP will ever have two-thirds of either federal chamber (in the Senate for instance, the most they have had since World War 2 is 55 seats).

    Also, Fair Tax doesn’t seem to address the root of the problem—too much spending in Washington. Didn’t hear anything at debate about MAJOR cuts in DC, not the minor stuff like Dept of Labor or EPA that Tricia Pridemore mentioned. Like, how did we go from a roughly $100 billion federal budget 50 years ago to nearly $4 trillion today?

    • Jon Lester says:

      It’s a dumb idea that would only complicate matters for retailers, who already act as tax collectors on the state level. I think the von Mises Institute’s take on it should be the last word.

      What most economists would like to see is the eventual elimination of all deductions, balanced by lower marginal rates, and the most “fair” way to go about that would be to stop subsidizing any entity for any reason.

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