11th Congressional District Debate

April 5, 2014 18:55 pm

by Eric The Younger · 5 comments


Have a good night everyone.


Closing Statements:

Barr: All politics is not local. Cites his oath of office, says they need action to back them up. Uses his 1990′s talking points as a way to show his history of leadership. Cites other accomplishments of his time in congress. Suggests that he is the only one that knows how to get a bill passed. Exceeds his time limit.

Levene: Urges everyone to read his 200 articles on his website. First one to mention Phil Gingrey. Wants to pass three bills 1)Eliminate Federal Corporate Taxes. 2) Encourage congress members to retire after a few years  by threatening their pensions,3) Change Campaign finance laws to force any remaining money after the campaign is over to be given to charity

Lindsey: Cites his record in the house to call for the Article V convention, Balanced the Budget as a member of leadership in the Georgia House, expanded rights of gun owners, combating medicaid fraud. We need people that will take the job seriously and will get the job done.

Loudermilk: Standing for what is right is not always easy, but it is always right. We have two choices in live, deal with it or change it. Provides list of conservative group endorsements.  Faith Family and freedom.

Mrozinski: Cites experience in the Military and state department. Invokes career politician theme again. Suggests he’ll be the veterans champion.  Will not accept congressional retirement and will self limit his number of terms. “Help is on the way.”

Pridemore: Thanks everyone for coming out. Asks everyone to follow her on twitter. Lists endorsements from this week. Tells history of her small business and how she was able to achieve the American Dream. Good Ideas don’t always come from inside of the “Dome.” “I will not only represent you in congress but I want to serve you.”


Question: How do we deal with the immigration problem especially since the republican party is trying to attract more Latino voters.

Loudermilk: We need to enforce the laws we have. We also need to secure the border. Next we need to fix the legal immigration system. Finally we need a usable work visa program.

Lindsey: Cites his sponsorship of HB 87 from 2011. 1) Secure the Border. 2) No amnesty. 3)Break the issue down. Immigration is a series of smaller complex issues that need to be addressed. For any Immigration bill there needs to be one simple rule “what is the best interest for the American People.”

Levene: We must embrace our Latino citizens if we want to win elections. Tells story about going to the Border. Cites problems from around the world. Says we will never be able to stop illegal immigration. Never actually answers the question.

Barr: We need to enforce the laws we have on the books. Those who are hear illegally need to be deported.

Pridemore: We have to secure our borders-both of them as well as our ports. Amnesty is not the answer, Visa reform is what we really need to focus on.

Mrozinski: Secure the border, complete the double fence, get rid of the concept of the anchor baby. Bring the illegal immigrants out of the shadows, bring them to be part of the system.


Twitter Question for Barr: How do we grow our economy?

We need to be energy independent, mentions shale oil. We also need to get the government out of the way. Cites the RAINS act as a means to force the administration to come to the table to stop holding down our economy.


Twitter question for Lindsey: What are your thoughts on Foreign Aid and how do you reform it?

Lindsey: Some Foreign Aid is necessary, like our aide to Israel. We need to support those allies. Suggests that Foreign Aid is seen as a “sacred cow” that can’t be touched to balance the budget.


Rand Evans: How will you serve as a check to the uncontrolled abuse of power of President Obama?”

Barr: Mentions his history for leading the charge to impeach Bill Clinton. Also suggests that the congress should attack the purse strings. Suggests it will cause the President to come to the table to negotiate.

Levene: Obama is expanding Executive Power, the next president will inherent that same power. Suggests the formation of a caucus made of middle of the road members to help stop the passage of some bills by acting as a block vote. Wants complete turnover in the house.

Lindsey: Hold back on ObamaCare. Cites HB 707 from this session of the General Assembly. Also to encourage the Article V Convention for a balanced budget amendment. Third, make sure that no bill makes it to the floor of the House without a majority of the Republican Caucus supports. Finally we need a majority in the Senate.

Loudermilk: 1) Congress created this storm by not passing a budget. 2)We must have a budget to assert the constitutional authority of the legislative branch.  3)Courage to stand up to the President.

Mrozinski: We have a leadership problem. Congress can overturn executive orders, and they are costing us money by not overturning these executive orders. Congress and leadership has failed. Invokes Career Politicians again.

Pridemore: 1) We have to have a balanced budget. 2) Use the power of the House Committee structure to call in bureaucrats to stand for their decisions and rulemacking. 3) We need to take back the Senate for the Republican Party.


Twitter Question for Levene: How do you feel about term limits?

Levene: I’ll leave after 8 years, we should also institute a rule for Congressman that run after being in office for 10 years (House) or 12 years (Senate) you should lose your pension.


Twitter question for Trisha Pridemore: “Warm Coke or Cold Pepsi and and which agencies will you cut?”

Pridemore “Warm Coke over cold Pepsi Everyday.” Wants to get rid of the EPA, Department of Education”


Back to the Question about the Fairtax.

Pridemore: We have to have Tax reform. Cites her preference for the simple tax.

Mrozinski: refuses to admit the FairTax isn’t possible. The FairTax isn’t dead. Any Tax is better than what we have now. We must get rid of the 16th Amendment.

Loudermilk: First and foremost we need to eliminate the IRS. It’s to involved in our lives. Flat tax still leaves the 16th amendment in place. FairTax is great, but there isn’t a transition period.

Lindsey: “Who in the room believes we should abandon the FairTax?” No one raises their hand.  Also refuses to acknowledge the FairTax is dead. In the end we need a tax system that encourages growth. Suggests a plan to slowly introduce the US to the FairTax.

Levene: “Our government is insane and doesn’t want to change the tax code.” Suggests that it’s the man’s way of keeping us down. Fails back on Need for GDP growth. Wants to cut all corporate taxes.

Barr: Starts by citing President Reagan, “Not only no, but heck no!” It’s difficult to get rid of the income tax but we should still push for the FairTax. Refuses to let the status quo win. Cites his experience from the 1990′s.


Mrozinski suggest the mic failure is a result of no national energy policy.


While we wait for Tech Support, Rep Turner has decided to investigate on his own why the microphones died.


Next question from the Professor: Asks about the flaws in the FairTax and it’s implementation. Is it time to admit that the Fair Tax isn’t what it’s cracked up to be?

Pridemore: Her mic cut out while talking about how expansive the current system is. Wants to encourage a simple tax instead of a fair tax. Even without a Mic, I think the back of the room was still able to hear her.

Pause to fix the microphones. Ed Lindsey wants to hear jokes. Allan Levene suggests everyone start taking selfies.


Twitter Question for Larry Mrozinski: How do we fix the border?

No amnesty and a double fence. Verify those that are already here, force the 18-26 year old illegal immigrants to register for the draft. Wants to also say that Hispanics are welcome.


Questions from Twitter.

For Barry Loudermilk: “In 2014 how do you define the American dream, how has it changed?”

Loudermilk: American dream isn’t how I define it but how you define it. Cites that the Government exists to protect your rights. Washington controls too much. Let the American people define what the dream is.


First Question: Where does Congressman Ryan’s budget plan succeed and fall short?

Trisha Pridemore: Wanst to cut administrative overhead in entitlement programs, wants to “cut the Fat”

Larry Mrozinski: Wants spending cuts across all agencies but wants the Fair Tax as the solution to our deficit problem. Wants a Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget.

Barry Loudermilk: Applauds Ryan for his attempts on the budget. Cites history that Congress won’t cut its own way of doing things. Wants a balanced budget amendment. Be more aggressive in cutting subsidies. Cites Farm Bill as one of the problems because of food stamps.

Ed Lindsey: “Give Congressman Ryan a do over and an incomplete.” Ryan’s budget doesn’t actually cut spending, it cuts increases in spending. Brags about actual budget cuts of 15% at the state level while he was in the General Assembly. Wants a balanced budget amendment. Also wants states to take initiative to call an Article V convention to put in place the balanced budget amendment.

Allan Levene: “the problem with Washington is that they’re all insane.” Gets a rouse out of the crowd.  Our Creditors will stop loaning us money in 4 years. Wants rapid growth to our GDP and full employment as a means to solve the budget problem.  Wants to eliminate Federal corporate taxes. Sends people to his website.

Bob Barr: Says Ryan’s budget only cuts half a trillion dollars each year. Wants the Congress to refuse to pass the Presidents spending bills.


Trisha Pridemore starts by thanking everyone. Tells a story about her small software company and how she helped to create jobs. Obama’s policies have stifled our economy, small businesses are suffering and our growth is being stunted. Wants to fight against failed policies of Barack Obama. Fighting for free markets, individual freedoms, and you.


Larry Mrozinski starts off by announcing he is not a Career Politician. Invokes National Security and Foreign Policy as his strong points. “This is our time to send a message that the people of the 11th district will elect someone with trusted leadership.” Wants to take America back.


Barry Loudermilk. Starts by thanking the audience for showing up. Tells a story about meeting his wife when he was working construction in Alaska. Transitions to his time in the Air Force. FIrst to Cite big Government, growing debt and threats to our Faith, Family, and Freedom. Says he’s running for congress because our children deserve better than what we have left them.


Now up is Ed Lindsey. Cites his experience and reputation from his time in the General Assembly. First one to talk about his family. Cites his Family as his rock and his faith as his guiding compass.


Adam Levene is up next. Starts off the bat assuring everyone in the crowd that he is a citizen. Says he is the only one with concrete problems with his concrete solutions. Cites his 200 article on his website for examples.


Bob Barr is up first to introduce himself. He’s running because Reagan Country is becoming Obama country. Says no one in this room is the enemy but labels Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama as the enemy. Really wants to go back to Washington.


Chairman Johnson has asked everyone to whoop and holler for the introductions so everyone can get it out of their system now until the end of the debate. Trisha Pridemore and Barry Loudermilk had the most reaction with a close second from Bob Barr.


Scott Johnson is Introducing Randy Evans, the National Committeeman from Georgia to the National Party. As well as Dr. Kerwin Swint of Kennesaw State University.


Every Candidate that qualified is here: Bob Barr, Allan Levene, Ed Lindsey, Barry Loudermilk, Larry Mrozinski, and Trisha Pridemore. The Debate is being moderated by Randy Evans and Dr. Kerwin Swint


The Candidates have all left the anteroom and are making their way to the stage.

For anyone that wants to follow along at home, I’ll be live blogging the 11th Congressional District Republican Debate hosted by the Cobb County Young Republicans.  Hopefully I won’t have any technical glitches. Things are about to get underway.

Dave Bearse April 6, 2014 at 2:14 pm

I began reading bottom up chronologically order. When I got to Lindsey: “Who in the room believes we should abandon the FairTax?” No one raises their hand–it was clear the event was entertainment for the bubble crowd that didn’t merit any more time.

Dave Bearse April 6, 2014 at 8:39 pm

PS – Just to be clear, no disparagement of the live blog intended. The effort is appreciated.

northside101 April 7, 2014 at 10:49 am

Someone, please some enlightenment on this matter (as I am not a finance expert). Wouldn’t implementation of a “fair tax” require a constitutional amendment? You know, that two-thirds/three-fourths thing (two-thirds of Congress, three-fourths of states)? Seems pretty daunting to get those numbers these days, especially since it is hard to think of any sizable number of Democrats who would back it in Congress, and without a lot of D support, it would never happen since there is no way GOP will ever have two-thirds of either federal chamber (in the Senate for instance, the most they have had since World War 2 is 55 seats).

Also, Fair Tax doesn’t seem to address the root of the problem—too much spending in Washington. Didn’t hear anything at debate about MAJOR cuts in DC, not the minor stuff like Dept of Labor or EPA that Tricia Pridemore mentioned. Like, how did we go from a roughly $100 billion federal budget 50 years ago to nearly $4 trillion today?

Jon Lester April 7, 2014 at 12:13 pm

It’s a dumb idea that would only complicate matters for retailers, who already act as tax collectors on the state level. I think the von Mises Institute’s take on it should be the last word.

What most economists would like to see is the eventual elimination of all deductions, balanced by lower marginal rates, and the most “fair” way to go about that would be to stop subsidizing any entity for any reason.

Jon Lester April 7, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Why is foreign aid to Israel “necessary?”

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