American Conservative Union Releases 2013 Scorecard

This post has been updated to reflect the correct lifetime score for Rep. Phil Gingrey. We regret the error and blame others.

The American Conservative Union, the people who bring you the CPAC conference every year, has released its scorecard for 2013, ranking each House member by comparing the way the member voted on 25 bills, and comparing it to the ACU position. By voting in line with the ACU position, a congressman would have a score of 100.

Congressmen with a score of 80 or above are considered to be “ACU Conservatives.” Georgia representatives earning this honor in 213 include Jack Kingston, Tom Price, Rob Woodall, Austin Scott, Doug Collins, Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey and Tom Graves.

Ranked most conservative in 2013 was Paul Broun, who went against the ACU scorecard only once, voting against HR 1797, which would have made abortions illegal after 20 weeks, except in case of rape or incest. Tied for second place as most conservative were Tom Price and Tom Graves, with scores of 92. Both voted against HR 1960, which would have allowed privatization of certain Department of Defense contracts. The two also voted for the December budget deal, H.J. Res. 59, which the ACU opposed. The entire Georgia delegation voted for the measure, with the exception of the three Senate candidates, Broun, Gingrey and Kingston, and Sanford Bishop, who did not vote.

Paul Broun has the highest lifetime ranking, with 98.86, followed by Tom Graves with 98.00, Tom Price with 96.89, Phil Gingrey with 95.64 and Jack Kingston, with 95.62.

Also, it’s interesting to note how John Barrow’s score dropped in 2013. Maybe that’s because 2012 was an election year.

Here’s how the reps ranked in 2013, 2012 and their lifetime ranking:

Representative 2013 2012 Lifetime
Jack Kingston 91 88 95.62
Sanford Bishop 21 32 28.49
Lynn Westmoreland 76 100 95.52
Hank Johnson 13 4 3.58
John Lewis 4 0 2.36
Tom Price 92 100 96.89
Rob Woodall 80 96 89.33
Austin Scott 80 96 89.33
Doug Collins 88 NA 88.00
Paul Broun 96 100 98.86
Phil Gingrey 88 96 95.64
John Barrow 28 60 34.00
David Scott 12 8 15.23
Tom Graves 92 100 98.00

You can see the complete rankings and the votes used to score the representatives here.