Morning Reads for April 3rd, 2014

It’s the first full month of spring. Wake up and smell the pollen, people

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Lesser Places:

  • Four dead in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. The shooter was an active-duty solider. “There is no indication this incident is related to terrorism.” –Lt. Gen Mark A. Milley
  • Chief Justice Roberts hands down the most important campaign finance ruling since Citizen’s United, allowing donors to give to as many candidates as they want. Here’s  the conservative argument, filtered with cynicism. Somewhere, Sheldon Adelson’s tiny heart jumped for joy.
  • Jezebel has helpfully released a taxonomy of the bro. Naturally Georgia is full of Southern bros, but we have our share of Dallas Bros and DC Bros as well. Find your brodentity and tell us in the comments.
  • The possible result of GOP victory in the Senate, summarized nicely.
  • Keith Hennessey breaks down the difference in the Ryan and Obama budget.
  • Compelling case for religious liberty from an atheist. Thank God for those for whom Constitutional liberties are more than identity politics.
  • Finally, pity the 1%.


  1. “Michelle Nunn has released her first television ad, centered on “optimism”, which the dictionary defines as not having a serious primary challenger.”
    That made me laugh.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    If Nunn’s primary challengers are perceived as less than “serious,” it’s due to active efforts by state and national Democrats to suppress all evidence, in their zeal to elect someone who’ll go along with every dumb idea Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has about anything. This is why I told Dr. Rad that I don’t do party politics, and it’s why I don’t respect party leaders at all anymore. How is some administrator a better candidate than a Serbian-born psychiatrist?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “How is some administrator a better candidate than a Serbian-born psychiatrist?”

      Because that administrator can single-handedly raise ridiculously huge sums of money hand-over-fist on the strength of having a famous father who is a popular and very well-respected former U.S. Senator while people keep confusing Dr. Rad with Dr. Kevorkian, the assisted-suicide specialist whom Georgia Democrats would likely be needing the services of if Michelle Nunn (and Jason Carter) were not running for statewide office this year.

      If you had been to the depths that Georgia Democrats have just been to, who would you be clearing the path for? The very well-liked candidate with a famous last name who is a walking ATM or the little-known hard-pressed for cash and name recognition candidate whom everyone keeps confusing with an infamous assisted-suicide specialist?

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “◾ATL rapper 2 Chainz was arrested for trying to sneak codeine through LAX airport.”

    Looks like Mr. “2 Chainz” got a little confused about the new Georgia gun rights expansion law.

    The new law says that you can accidentially take guns through security at ATL airport without penalty.

    The new law does not say that you can take codeine through security at LAX airport as a means of celebrating the new Georgia gun rights expansion law, which is undoubtedly what Mr. “2 Chainz” was likely trying to do.

    In any case, I’m sure that it is all just a small misunderstanding that’ll easily be cleared up. I’m sure that all Mr. 2 Chainz has to say is that he mistakenly thought that he was accidentially taking a gun through security at ATL airport and this will all be cleared up in a snap.

  4. seenbetrdayz says:

    Can’t carry guns in church, okay, dont’ like it but I’ll deal with it.
    Can’t carry guns in colleges, okay, don’t like it but I’ll deal with it.
    Military can’t carry guns on a military base, oka— wait . . . WTF?

    Maybe we should refer to them as the disArmed Services.

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