Congs. Bishop, King Call for More Prostate Cancer Research

Georgia’s own Sanford Bishop teamed with New York congressman Peter King to write a bi-partisan letter calling for an extra $80 million in funding for prostate cancer research.

According to a press release from Bishop’s office, the money would go to the Department of Defense Peer-Reviewed Prostate Cancer Research Program.

Bishop said in a statement:

“As a recent cancer survivor myself, I can relate first-hand to the toll that this disease has on millions of Americans each year. The Department of Defense has an outstanding track record in uncovering new and innovative ways to tackle prostate cancer—a leading killer of men—and I am pleased to support this bi-partisan effort to bolster its work and encourage the study, prevention, and treatment of prostate cancer as a national priority on behalf of men in America.”

Joining Bishop and King in signing the letter were: Hank Johnson, John Lewis and David Scott. You can read the letter here.


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