Morning Reads: 31 March 2014

Even with how dreary the Saturday was for North Georgia, the US Men’s team was able to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. From what I hear the weather in Savannah was much more pleasant for the GOP Senate debate. Here’s what else happened this weekend.


Georgia Right to Life is out, Georgia Life Alliance is in.
Food stamp distribution errors cost Georgia millions.
Here’s a start for fixing the rural healthcare crisis we have in Georgia.
It looks like Paul Broun violated FEC rules, but won’t be punished.
Here’s the breakdown of the Senate debate in Savannah over the weekend.


It wasn’t just Angela Merkl, the NSA kept tabs on 122 world leaders.
The death toll in Washington from the mudslides continues to rise.
Time is running out to find the black box for Flight 370.
Good news for the AKP and Erdogan, not so good news for Turkey.
Russia won’t invade Ukraine, except if the rights of Russian speakers are infringed.

Everything Else

US beat Uruguay 32-13, qualifies for World Cup.
Let’s cure Cancer.


  1. xdog says:

    Today is baseball’s opening day, despite Bud Selig’s foreign adventures, and will be a national holiday when I take over. You’re welcome.

    • Charlie says:

      That’s not scrutiny, that’s the paranoia of the small subset of the GOP that calls itself “the base” realizing that after the entire field has tried to capitulate to them the polls are showing their relative size.

      But the scrutiny is coming. That is part of cementing yourself as front runner.

      • saltycracker says:

        Yes – if Perdue continues to speak clearly he will be heard over the loud whining…..

  2. Ed says:

    If by “front runner” you mean people think he’s our former governor, than yes he is the front runner.

      • Ellynn says:

        Heard in the parking lot of my church yesterday “I didn’t know the governor’s real name was David” said by a late 30ish stay at home soccor mom. Her fellow soccor mom said she didn’t either. I also noted their family car had a Handle sticker on the bumper. In Kingston’s district…

        • Ed says:

          This I believe. You wouldn’t believe how much name “recognition”, ballot placement etc. has an impact on elections.

            • Ellynn says:

              It was easier to type ‘soccer mom’ then “J.Crew sweater set and matching pencle skirt wearing semi-career mothers with a 6 figure making hubby and private school children, and who wears pearls & $300 yoga outfits to shop in the organic section of Fresh Market and then hang out with other ‘soccer moms’ and talk about their $400 dye jobs on the sidelines while ‘watching’ their children play soccer.”

                • Will Durant says:

                  No, but but her point is well taken. Unlike the majority of voters at every end of the spectrum Ellynn is at least an INFORMED voter.

                  I know we can’t return to the abused “literacy test” criteria, but I would love to see a system of 3 or 4 simple randomly chosen civics questions at the end of a ballot that would decide whether your vote gets to count or not. They don’t even have to be as difficult as the ones required for naturalized citizenship and it would still eliminate at least a third of the votes. It could never happen though, the established politicians stock in trade is voter ignorance, at the very least the (I) for incumbent should be eliminated from the ballot but that too will never happen.

                  • TheEiger says:

                    Nah, I’m pretty sure she is just bitter.

                    There’s nothing wrong with J Crew, Fresh Market (I prefer Whole Foods) or private school. Would one of the poll questions you suggest be a simple spelling test? Like…. What is the sport that David Beckham plays?

                    Ellynn wouldn’t be able to vote then… 🙁

              • saltycracker says:

                So if one is tough on stay at home moms how must they feel about working women that dump their kids in kiddie kennels ? Tip..Don’t call Dr Laura if you are a working mom with options.

              • Ellynn says:

                I have never claimed to spell. In fact, I have warned people many times I’m dyslexic. I own pearls. I own a J. Crew sweater set. I even own a few pencil skirts, although I can say I have ever worn them with the sweater set. I like the chicken cutlets with gouda and sundried tomatoes at Freshmarket. I watch Soccer games with my friends (they don’t own $300 yoga outfits). Their kids are cute.

                Here’s what annoys me. These two women should know who they are or not voting for. They have not only themselves to think about, but their soccer playing children. Instead, they place more time, money and importance in looking good while shopping then knowing David and Sonny are two diferent people.

                Want to lable me bitter beacuse of this, then go ahead.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Food stamps 2013: 5% error is $138 million.
    So Georgia gave out $2.8 billion, our error rate continues to dramatically rise in 2014, the economy is better and the solution is to hire more folks to administer the program ?
    This is an expensive mess needing immediate attention as that doesn’t even address the fraud in the system.

    Maybe, as it is broke, we need to just hand out food at a county location or meals on wheels it.

    • Harry says:

      $2.8B? For Georgia for one year? I wonder how much of that is resold for cash and lands in the drug cartel pockets.

      • saltycracker says:

        Hey, if the R’s bring it up the D’s might want to put mega-ag subsidies on the table. Let’s stick to gun carry and honey boo boo film subsidies….

    • DavidTC says:

      the economy is better

      Erm, I have no idea what you mean by that, but it’s completely irrelevant here. What is relevant is that more people are applying for food stamps, which means we need more people to handle said applications.

      the solution is to hire more folks to administer the program ?

      Yes. When you do not have enough people do something, causing errors to happen at higher and higher levels the correct solution is to hire more people.

      This is actually a fairly basic concept. Businesses all over the world understand it, and follow it.

      Problem: Not enough people. Solution: Hire more people.

      But, as usually, we have the correct solution, and the Georgia solution, which I’m sure is to cut staff in the Department of Family and Children Services.

      ‘The firings will continue until the errors from understaffing improve!’

      • saltycracker says:

        And if we enforce the rules in a program an innocent party might not get theirs. All signs point to a poorly administered program. We have the fattest hungry people in the world. The programs are overwhelmed……… by looters.

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