Morning Reads for Friday, March 28, 2014 – Updated

John Portman gives $2.5 million to GT.
– What does it all mean?
– Atlanta judge rules against the contraceptive mandate in the (Un)ACA.
– Georgia’s Common Core fight makes PJMedia.

Rand Paul and the 50 states. Wait. What?
– Tar Heel Schadenfraude.
Just a regional power? Haven’t these people ever played Risk?
– That’s certainly a first impression most won’t forget.
Keystone Kops.
– Wow. Maryland is the real House of Cards.

Random Everywhere:
– You knew there had to be some kind of nerdy reason
– Put a ring on it.
– Fear the cable box. Really.

Bill Murray is da man.


  1. xdog says:

    “Does anybody not believe the Obama DC regime is running defense for Government Motors and UAW”

    Me for one. Not that I’d ever buy GM crap either.

    In real news, the former GMAC moves closer to an IPO that will benefit the US Treasury by $2.7B. That’s on top of the 89 percent in TARP funds Ally has already repaid.

    Here’s an auto news item that should really chafe you: non-TARP Ford credits UAW for helping to save them.

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