Morning Reads for March 27th, 2014

The anthem of every ailing Georgian.

Morning reads after the jump:


  • Given the anger over the Obama Administration’s lack of Port of Savannah funding, the Governor’s decision to go ahead without the feds money. (paywall protected)
  • Also smart for Rep. Tom Graves to go Joseph N. Welch in this committee hearing,  given his recent return from the wilderness.
  • Communities react to HB 772, the bill allowing drug tests for “reasonabl[y] suspicious” food stamp recipients, a bit too late. Contrarian national reaction here.
  • As if you needed it, this beautifully edited video in support of the city’s 2030 plan will remind Dawgs why they love Athens.
  • If you want to support the Classic City, go vote for it against Roanoke, Virginia, in Garden and Gun’s “Southern Towns Bracket.” Other Georgia representatives include Savannah and Thomasville, now awkwardly head-to-head.
  • AMD, the computer chip manufacturer, is consolidating its 18 production facilities to two: one in Malaysia and one in Suwanee. Officials report the Malaysian factory cannot be found.
  • David Perdue leads a second poll this week, this one from WSB, at 21% to Kingston and Broun’s 15%.
  • Chatham County is getting a new manager.
  • UGA basketball coach Mark Fox has, uh, interesting rules for his player’s personal lives.
  • Richmond County is shrinking and Columbus is making a bid to become Georgia’s 2nd largest city.
  • The Board of Regents banned smoking on public campuses, to which UGA Chief of Police Jimmy Williamson responded “Eh.”
  • Another outside look at the Georgia Senate race from the excellent Dave Weigel. The article ignores everything not named “David Perdue”, but trust me he’s usually great.

Lesser Places:

  • The Malaysian Airlines story is wrapping up as satellites find debris in the southern Indian Ocean, indicating CNN can go back to only being something you walk past on the way to the Georgia Dome.
  • Hobby Lobby was pronounced winner of oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the religious freedom/contraceptive mandate case as Hobby Lobby lobbies to strengthen hobbies.
  • A federal judge ruled that college football players have a right to unionize. Most of us may flinch at the word “union”, but it’s worth remembering what collective bargaining did for baseball.
  • In all the excitement, Congress still hasn’t passed the $1 billion  aid bill for Ukraine and would like to do so.
  • Some prosecutors seek to use rap lyrics as “smoking gun” evidence, citing Herman Melville’s famous conviction for whale poaching.
  • Pitchfork, the hipster gospel, has a beautiful story on a musician named Mac DeMarco. Do most of us know or care about Mac? No. But flip through it if you’re curious what online magazines can look like at their best.
  • Superb reporting and analysis on Cheney’s dark side, with bonus material on how the programs Snowden leaked were authorized only three weeks after 9/11.
  • Ezra Klein’s new website has a cute animated video called “Stop freaking out about the debt” narrated by Slate’s Matthew Yglesias. Exasperated libertarians here.

Because it’s worth remembering she is talented after her concert left you in traffic for half an hour.


  1. xdog says:

    Grifter Graves first name is Tom not Todd. If the gop is letting him back with the big boys, they better count the silverware.

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    The Healthcare Act clearly is sexist when it comes to coverage for birth control. The guys got together and decided women should have the burden of getting contraceptives. They made sure it was paid for by insurance. Are vasectomies covered? What about condoms? If not, why not? It is clear that males are removed for any responsibility toward birth control in sexual relations as far as the ACA is concerned.

  3. Ellynn says:

    So if the UGA players become unionized does that mean all the union haters in the Dawg nation have to stop liking them?

    • Harry says:

      Ellynn, it’s not your daddy’s thug union. These players are being exploited by the football universities. They need representation and compensation.

      • Ellynn says:

        My daddy, God rest his soul, was never in a union. My 73 year old mother is the thug in the familly…

        So to review Harry, Dad was a life long democrate and worked in a non- union blue coller job for 40 years – a DINO. Mom is a life long Republican who worked 35 years as a public school teacher – a RINO.

        If your going to insult my parent at least insult the right one.

          • Ellynn says:

            Not really. It’s the main large scale plants have union trades on their floors. Some times more then one. Mercurary Marine has steel, teamsters, electrical and aerospace unions. But the secondary shops and supple centers for thoses companies are mainly non-union. My father’s former employers biggest clients are still Meruary, Oshkosh Truck, MAC, Smuckers, Sargento, Alto Dairy and Kohler.

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