Mama Grizzly Is Back: Sarah Palin Endorses Karen Handel

From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

Margaret Thatcher often said: “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” This quote rings true in the U.S. Senate race in Georgia in more ways than one. This year’s elections are about who we send to Washington to help restore our country after six years of a disastrous administration. It’s not about who has the best rhetoric, the loudest voice, or the best TV ads. It’s about who we trust to keep their word to fight for conservative principles and grow our movement at the same time.

In the U.S. Senate race in Georgia, Karen Handel is just that candidate. Karen is a champion for protecting life and a proud voice in support of it – one we could use in the Senate. As Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, she made a name for herself fighting corruption, passing ethics reform, and recouping millions of dollars in stolen taxpayer money. She balanced the budget every year as well. As Georgia’s first Republican Secretary of State, Karen took on the Obama administration to keep Photo-ID in place and ensure that only U.S. citizens vote in Georgia. She cut her department’s waste by nearly 20%, and under her leadership, the Secretary of State’s office became Georgia’s first completely transparent agency by putting all the agency’s expenses online for every taxpayer to see.

Karen has walked the walk when it comes to cutting government waste, providing ethical leadership, and fighting back against big bullying government. We can count on Karen to take her real life skills to Washington to help balance our budget, fight for lower taxes, and do everything she can to keep the government out of our lives.

Voters need to look carefully at a candidate’s record. Look beyond the flashy campaign ads of establishment candidates and the bombastic rhetoric of candidates who claim to be the most conservative in the race. Listen to what Karen says in her debates and candidate forums, and you’ll hear a true conservative leader who can win in November. This Georgia Senate race is very important to the Democrats and has long-term repercussions for 2016 as Democrats test the waters to see if they can win big in a red state with a woman candidate. That is why the GOP needs a strong contender like Karen Handel. She is the conservative candidate who can win this race and hold this seat for the GOP.

GOP voters in Georgia have many choices if they want something said, but Karen Handel is the only choice if we want something done. Karen will get the job done.

Please lend her your support in this critical Senate race. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

– Sarah Palin

Palin endorsed Handel in a crowded 2010 gubernatorial field earning her a lead in the 2010 runoff, a race Handel narrowly lost.  Note that Palin also singles out Handel as “pro-life”.  It seems most relevant figures in that community recognize her work on behalf of the unborn.


  1. Brother says:

    Karen Handel certainly set about to change the Secretary of State office. She cut, cut, and cut- then cut out to run for Governor and left the SOS offices in a mess that Brian Kemp only made worse. All in the name of fiscal conservatism. We now have an SOS offices that have privatized, ineffective functions claiming to serve the citizens. We no longer have the State Archives under the stewardship of the State of Georgia. The Candidate online registration was a joke. Now we will have online voter registration. She set the trend, as far as the SOS offices, to wrecking those governmental services we depend on as licensed, fee and taxpaying citizens of this state. It is no wonder that the pharmacists and dentists had their licensing boards removed from the SOS office. It is poor governing, all started by Ms. Handel.

    Having lost to Nathan Deal she bounced into the Susan G. Komen foundation and wrecked it with her overstepping the goals of that organizations umbrella. That foundation will suffer her leadership for years to come.

    We need a Senator from Georgia that can serve the people of Georgia and this country with a centrist approach, not some ideologue bent on serving their own self interests.

    • Charlie says:

      I seem to remember the websites working and the ability to get a corporation chartered or a license renewed in one visit when she left.

      Someone sounds bitter.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      @ Brother: Fact Check Kemp succeeded Karen Handel on January 8, 2010. You may want to shoot at Karen, but the condition of the Office of Secretary of State is hardly the best argument.

      Blaming her instead of him, who has held that office for over fours years during which nearly every issue you cite was on his watch, is like Obama blaming his failures on Bush…

  2. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    “It seems most relevant figures in that community….”

    Surely, you’re not referring to Palin as relevant.

  3. I don’t get people having all of these issues with the new SoS website. I agree it was more user friendly before the change, but I incorporated a new corporation last month, first time since the change-over. No problem.

    Sarah’s endorsement didn’t put Karen over the top in 2010 and I don’t see with Sarah’s lagging popularity how it helps now. I think Karen is this election’s Eric Johnson. She will leap-frog into 3rd, by election day, but, barring a major gaff from Perdue or Kingston, that’s where she will end up.

    • blakeage80 says:

      I tend to agree about the endorsement J.D. She will get extra votes from it, no doubt. I wonder from whom those votes will be siphoned? Will it be one particular candidate hurt more than the others or will it be a pretty even loss all around? I guess we’ll see in May.

      • Really, it’s been pretty consistent throughout the 20 years I’ve watched politics closely that endorsements from outside celebrities are not as meaningful as endorsements from people in state. If they are siphoned away, it will likely be from the candidate that’s from the most Palin-wing of the party and that would be Broun. As I said above, I think she can leap him at the end.

  4. xdog says:

    Handel would make a good guest on Palin’s new show. They could bond and talk about liberals. I hope to see Handel as Palin’s co-host before I see her in the Senate.

  5. kathynoble says:

    Not everyone dislikes Sarah Palin. I guess if you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger. The reasons that she states for supporting Karen Handel are exactly the reasons that I support Karen Handel. She has a track record of accomplishing stated goals and doing exactly what we conservatives scream for, balancing budgets, rooting out corruption and transparent accountability. I have watched Karen accomplish things that she was told couldn’t be accomplished. I have watched her stand by her convictions and do the right thing at a very high personal cost. Not too many people have that kind of fortitude.

  6. Tea Party 3 says:

    Handel’s past keeps coming back to haunt her and offers a lot of insight into her true persona – what we see is what we’ll get IF people are willing to really look at her. Diebold voting machines – anyone remember the “white paper” she participated in relative to disclosing how corrupt the machines are? Then, she does an about face, 180 in full support AND justification of how wonderful they are AFTER an Atlanta based, wealthy stockholder in Diebold dumped hundreds of thousands of $$$ into her little campaign kitty.

    Ask her about this situation at public forums and she lies thru her teeth and champions the faults with these machines – vote recounts, NOT A CHANCE. Yet Handy Handel is always there to pull the wool over your eyes – if she can.

    She’s just like stocks on the Dow – bought, sold and traded every day.

  7. James Fannin says:

    Any Republican candidate for the Senate who received Sarah Palin’s endorsement would be shouting it from the rooftops. And any candidate who did not receive that endorsement would do well to take care before trashing Sarah Palin. You would have to be seriously out of touch not to know that there are a lot of Georgia Republican primary voters who agree with Sarah Palin’s traditional, patriotic, “no-nonsense” views. I certainly do and I’m happy she is out there every day irritating the Democratic establishment and the media. And let’s be honest, if Sarah Palin wasn’t relevant, there wouldn’t be so many trolls who support Karen’s opponents trying to convince everyone Sarah doesn’t matter. Obviously she does.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      “irritating the Democratic establishment and the media”

      Dems and the media aren’t wasting time on a sideshow playing to an element in the bubble, a la Glenn Beck.

  8. exodus2011 says:

    Karen no doubt knows that Big Mama Grizzly carries the most CLOUT with Conservative/Tea Partier Grassroots Americans, and should get a huge boost from this Palin endorsement.

    Remember this from 2010?

    “Palin’s ability to propel tea party-aligned candidates into office was a well-documented phenomenon in 2010, when she endorsed over 60 Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates, the majority of whom won. Her midterm travels even inspired The Washington Post to launch a “Palin Endorsements Tracker,” complete with clickable audio of a growling grizzly bear, an homage to her self-styled “Mama Grizzly” image.” ~ Peter Hamby, CNN journalist

    #TeaParty Will @washingtonpost run an interactive Palin endorsement Tracker in 2014, like this 1 they ran in 2010?~>

  9. Dave Bearse says:

    A Palin endorsement will hurt more than it helps in a General Election, but “must be present to win” applies.

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