UPDATED: Online Voting System Is Live. Kemp To Unveil New Online Voter Registration System Next Week.

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from a reader we know that the online voter registration system is now live.

From yesterday’s Election Update sent from the Secretary of State’s office to elections officials:

Online Voter Registration Webinar: Secretary Kemp will announce the rollout of Online Voter Registration (OLVR) at the VRAG/GEOA conference in Augusta next week. Thursday, March 27 at 10:00am we will host a webinar so your staff will be fully trained to process these applications when they start to appear on your dashboard next week. The process is very similar to processing DDS applications.

A little shameless self-promotion: The online voter registration system was put into law by a bill I carried for Secretary Kemp in 2012.

The OLVR system will make it much easier for people to register to vote. Folks often forget that if they move from one address in Georgia to another, you need to re-register to vote. The OLVR will make that process much easier, as well as making it easier for new voters to register.

Online voter registration is much cheaper since processing online applications costs a fraction of that of paper applications.

The system also makes it easier for elections officials to check a person’s eligibility to vote.


  1. objective says:

    pretty soon, perhaps, registration can be done in real time, like at polling places?
    i have a bill for that.

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