A ‘Yu Turn’ in the Wrong Direction?

Peach Pundit came across an email sent out Monday afternoon from the campaign of Eugene Yu, a GOP candidate in the 12th congressional district, that featured an unusual logo.

A campaign image from Eugene Yu, 12th congressional district
A campaign image from Eugene Yu, 12th congressional district

Yu is using a nice bit of alliteration in his campaign materials, such as “Washington Needs a Yu Turn,” but this latest image from his campaign could easily be interpreted as heading in an unfortunate direction.

The logo features a simplistic, downward pointing arrow that looks as if it could have been created by a second-grader with PhotoShop. What’s more, how hard could it have been to create an arrow that is either pointing upward or forward, instead of appearing to go in reverse?

Yu is one of five Republicans seeking to oust U.S. Rep. John Barrow, whose seat has long been considered vulnerable by the GOP. He has one of more interesting backgrounds of any candidate in recent memory. Of Korean descent,  he’s an ex-military man and law enforcement official, successful entrepreneur, and holds unquestionable conservative beliefs … in short, exactly the kind of diverse candidate Republicans need as Georgia’s population becomes more and more blue.

But one of a political campaign’s cardinal rules is, avoid giving your opponent any ammo, a maxim that Yu’s campaign has just broken.


  1. Noway says:

    You’re really deep in the weeds on this one. If he’s all of the qualities you list and all the opponents can think to criticize him on is a campaign sign, he has nothing to worry about.

  2. Left Turn Only says:

    Take a look at what passed the General Assembly lately. The Republican party is, indeed, insisting on a “U turn” . Guns everywhere, eliminate women’s reproductive rights, create new bleached out seg cities, let millions in federal funds go unused in Medicaid expansion, refuse to participate in the federal Affordable Care Act, call for a Constitutional convention to bend the United States of America to the will of the hand full of confederate states, disenfranchise minority voters, weaken public education, lower tax revenues by granting extravagant tax breaks to favored entities, “nullify” and federal law the confederates don’t like. Folks, those are just plain backwards A reverse arrow is appropriate – as one heading straight down.

  3. G Kaine says:

    This is probably one of the most out of left field stories I have seen here. Lets be honest, something like this sounds like one of Mr. Yu’s opponent’s are behind this.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      I agree. Tim was really really reaching with ‘story.’

      What’s bizarre is he actually has good things to say about Yu, but attacks him for the orientation of a logo??

  4. ricstewart says:

    If we must criticize the slogan+logo, it should be because it’s cheesy. But the direction of the arrow is a bit of a stretch.

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