Sine Die Traditions

Everyone is probably familiar with some of the traditions related to Sine Die at the Capitol. The doors between the chambers are opened and the Speaker and Lt. Governor get to stare each other down as they simultaneously dismiss their respective Houses. This is immediately followed by the Representatives and Senators jubilantly throwing makeshift legislative confetti into the air. If you’re standing near the page desk on either side you get to see this happen in both chambers.

There’s also the tradition of inviting the Governor into the Chamber to say a few words. It’s a nice break in the hustle and bustle of trying to get that last bill passed, or in some cases a break from someone grandstanding like an angry toddler.

However, there is another tradition that some may not know about. These would be the pranks of Chelsea Harkins. Chelsea has been an aide at the Capitol for a couple of years now and each year someone has been a victim of her sense of humor. This year she was Chairman Tom Weldon’s aide, and on Sine Die Chairman Weldon’s car was Chelsea’s latest victim.

2014-03-19 163

As well as Representative Jason Shaw’s buck.

2014-03-18 071

Last year it wasn’t Chairman Weldon’s car, but his office that got the Chelsea touch.


In the midst of the posturing and grand standing that happens between the House and the Senate those last few days of session, it’s nice to see that there are a few that can have some fun with it all.


  1. Pranks have a long and hallowed tradition at the Gold Dome. This one even caught CL’s eye back in 2001. Yes I know the Commies who perpetrated this crime. No, I’m not telling who it was. I hope CL will, if they haven’t already, take notice…if they are not too busy trying to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids…the Commies.

    “The ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Award: To the House pranksters — could those above be among them? — who set up the desktop computer of freshman Rep. Joe Wilkinson so that, when he touched the keypad, the screen filled with a large pink-and-black “I AM GAY” banner. A red-faced Wilkinson (who, as far as anybody knows, is not) quickly slammed the laptop closed as his neighbors hooted. What a bunch of cutups. Hoo, boy.”

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