NRA Lauds Georgia’s ‘Most Pro-Gun Bill in State History’

The National Rife Association is praising Georgia lawmakers for passing HB 60 late Thursday night, which it’s calling “the most comprehensive pro-gun reform bill in state history.”

The NRA-backed bill cleared both chambers with a vote of 112-58 in the House and 37-18 in the Senate.

“This is an historic victory for Second Amendment rights in Georgia,” says Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “House Bill 60 is the most comprehensive pro-gun bill ever passed in Georgia. It ensures that the law is on the side of law-abiding citizens and victims of crime. Among the reforms is a provision extending the right to self-defense to all law-abiding citizens, whether they live in a gated community, or public housing.”



  1. blakeage80 says:

    As an employee in the firearms industry, I am glad to see this bill pass. My excitement is tempered, however, that of the 3 major bills (Marajuana, Autism and Foster Care) that concerned children’s health they couldn’t get any of them done. That seems nut in an election year especially. I do feel sorry that these families and children couldn’t get some help from the Georgia Legislature. I think it will come back to haunt them as candidates.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Not passing any of the 3 bills dealing with Marijuana, Autism and Foster Care will not hurt any incumbent Georgia politician running for re-election because those constituencies are not very vocal.

      The gun bill was probably the most-important for incumbent Georgia politicians to pass because the Second Amendment/gun constituency is one of the most vocal, most active and most dominant in Georgia politics.

      If the legislature had failed to pass a major gun bill this year, the powerful gun constituency might have stayed at home and sat on their hands in some key state races in November, including the races for Governor and Lt. Governor.

      Georgia Republicans absolutely needed this major gun legislation to pass this legislative session before a major statewide election so that one of the most-important voting constituencies in Georgia politics, gun-lovers, turns-out in large numbers in November.

      • blakeage80 says:

        You have a valid point, however, I believe they will take their lumps for this in the general election. Its easy fodder for their politcal opponents. If they had passed even one of these bills they would have a fig leaf. In the end, though, you are probably right. I won’t cost them their seat or anything that dramatic.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          It’s kind of difficult to see how the failure of bills dealing with Marijuana, Autism and Foster Care will be a liability for Conservative politicians with Conservative electorate, particularly in a year where the base of that Conservative electorate is going to be very charged up to vote against Democrats because of the anger and outrage over Obamacare.

          Conservative voter turnout is going to be extremely robust this year just on the strength of the backlash against Obamacare alone (an Obamacare backlash which will also help the GOP attract the votes of Conservative Independents), not to mention the additional Conservative voter turnout that will occur in the wake of one of the strongest gun rights expansion bills in Georgia history.

          Niche issues like Medical Marijuana, Autism and Foster Care will not even be noticed when compared to big-ticket red meat issues like Obamacare, gun rights, abortion and taxes…issues that play extremely-well with an electorate dominated by Conservative voters.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before in saying that kids don’t vote and don’t have lobbyists working for them. Then consider that marijuana therapy, autism and foster care directly affects hardly anyone in the General Assembly, and it’s no wonder they’ll get around to it when they get around to it. Besides, adding an autism insurance mandate conflicts with the general No to Obamacare strategy the GOP is coasting on.

      Foster care improvement is first a matter of money, not privatization. The state has an insufficient number of employees that it pays almost nothing. Privatizing the operation won’t fix that. It will however siphon off 10% to profit, some of which can be expected to be used to lobby for special treatment, as the parole supervision industry is doing to shield itself from open records requests.

      For those thinking privatized foster care is going to save money, there’s the example of the privatized parole supervision industry charging more than 50% more for supervision than the state. It’s an increase will come out of taxpayers pockets, not those of parolees.

    • David C says:

      Wait til next year. Then the NRA will say there’s still too many restrictions on gun owners, and we need “the most pro-gun bill in state history” to help protect law abiding citizens, because they’ve won so many battles in Georgia that they’re a lobbying group looking for something to demand so they can keep being important, threaten legislators, and get a victory they can crow about, no matter how dumb the idea is.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Or they can eschew victory, and head into the realm of GRTL. Whatever it takes to keep the dues coming in, until they don’t.

  2. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    I have to agree with The Last Democrat in Georgia on this. Unfortunately, medical marijuana and foster care are, as s/he characterizes, “niche issues.”

  3. oscardagrch says:

    I find it funny that the NRA says that the legislation extends “the right to self-defense to all law-abiding citizens” when it does that but also extends the right to self-defense to persons illegally carrying firearms in places like nuclear power plants, schools, government buildings…or even persons illegally high on drugs….but you know….law-abiding is all relative.

  4. Michael Silver says:

    This bill is nowhere close to historic or most pro-gun in history. That honor goes to SB308 in 2010 signed by Governor Perdue. SB308 eliminated the Jim Crow Era Public Gathering clause and its associated case law. That case law was so bad that if applied to everyone everyday would mean carrying anywhere would be illegal.

    This bill is a nibble at the edges of the gun-control sandwich. Tweaks here and there. It had the potential of being the biggest with full decriminalization of campus and church carry for Licensees. But alas, Governor Deal and Senate Republicans are not as pro-gun as they claim in their campaign promises.

  5. jiminga says:

    I’m disappointed the provision for legal carry by permit holders in government offices without security was deleted from the bill. Many state employees work in leased spaces with no building security at all. My wife works for an agency in such a space….no parking lot lighting, no cameras, no access control in the lobby, no security personnel. And the location isn’t exactly Buckhead. In winter she arrives at work in the dark and leaves in the dark. She has a GA WCL and is well practiced with her pistol but cannot protect herself crossing the parking lot or at work due to state law/policy.

    • oscardagrch says:

      Yeah, good news for you. That is actually still in the bill. Not that anyone would know because the state’s Open Records and Meetings laws don’t apply to the Legislature…

  6. terminatahx says:

    No public good is being served by allowing gun owners to carry in public and especially government buildings. The fear, ignorance and hypocrisy in Georgia is unfathomable. And yet the same “leadership” that finds it essential to put as many guns on the street as possible, can’t find it in themselves to legalize Marijuana, which would bring so much revenue and health benefits into Georgia. Not even for our children plagued with seizures. These people are beyond backwoods and ignorant.

    When you state is one of the last in educational performance, this is the kind of leadership you get. SMH….

  7. John Sanders says:

    Unfortunately the Marajuana, Autism and Foster Care bills did not have money/lobbying efforts of the NRA. Just wish someone was looking after our kids education like gun issues get looked after.

    • Harry says:

      They could better look out for the kids safety if licensed carry was allowed in schools and universities.

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