Morning Reads for March 19

Someone asked me if there was any post-season inter-collegiate basketball this year. After last night no there is not. It is OK, Georgia State will exact its revenge at Death Valley in a few months.

Our Road Show is TONIGHT!  You will want to be there, even if I am not. 

Steve Earle with Lucinda Williams: “You’re Still Standing There.” 


  1. saltycracker says:

    “The UGA finance and administration accounts payable department and UGA Athletic Assocation accounts payable department noticed the same check numbers were appearing twice.”

    Dumb athletes, we get it. So why wasn’t the bank the ones to catch the check reuse ?

  2. saltycracker says:

    Drug testing for welfare ? If it is money we want to save, let’s also mandate BMI testing for food stamps.

    • xdog says:

      I’ll support drug testing for welfare when state reps are tested too, year-round and randomly.

      • saltycracker says:

        Can we start in baby steps like, all the reps taxes must be paid (no promises) before voting on a bill…..?

  3. xdog says:

    Who put Athens, Savannah and Thomasville in the same bracket? Probably the same people who matched Asheville/Charlottesville and Wilmington/Annapolis in the opening round.

  4. penguin says:

    $17m on the best thing Atlanta has going for it… really well spent pocket change relative to $14m on snow removal equipment that will be used, well, never. But gives the Governor political cover. Not to mention the millions of dollars in inexplicable tax breaks, and millions the state will be spending to to defend the many unquestionably unconstitutional bills our sage legislature has enacted over the past few years..

    • Ellynn says:

      Some of us state tax payer dont live in Atlanta. Why are my taxes being used to pay for a private sports team parking lot that will be used only 8 times a year? If you spent it on mass rail going to the park you could also lower the amount spent on state snow removal since less cars would be on the road.

      • penguin says:

        I’d be happy if the budget allocated exponentially more for mass rail. But our governor does not think public transport will equate to less cars on the road (don’t ask me to explain this logic). But the issues are totally separate. The Falcons need a big parking lot to accommodate the state’s lack of infrastructure, and usually many of those people who don’t live in Atlanta. It’s a complete red herring to argue that only OTPers shouldn’t bear any of the tax burdens for things inside the city: For one, tax revenues intake and output or not proportionate – tax redistribution just works that way and I can come up with infinite complaints that my tax dollars don’t go towards ME! Because if they did…shouldn’t I just keep the money? Not to mention the proportions of tax revenue going OTP anyway. Two, the Falcons are a benefit to the state other than just to the people who live ITP.

        • Ellynn says:

          It’s the principle of the thing. All last year it was “we are not using state funds… blah blah blah”.

          If spending $17 million on parking to benefit one venue for 8 days a year is good for Georgia as a whole, lets fork over another $17 million for a new parking garage in Savannah for St. Pats weekend, July 4th and Octoberfest weekend too. That’s 8-7 days a year, and compared to the 100,000 people at a Falcons game, St Pats weekend averages over 300,000 people a day in use (some times it can be as high as 600,000 on parade day), July 4th and Octoberfest are around 175,000 people. They drive in from all over Georgia too. ST Pats pull in a national crowd.

          Can you imagine the out cry if that were to happen.

          • saltycracker says:

            Well if you are going to pour that much asphalt in Savannah for parking ten of thousands of outsiders and not cause the citizens to riot, it better be at the port….

            • Ellynn says:

              Parking Garages are concrette planks, not asphalt.

              But you proved my point. The state paying $17 million for a parking structure in Savannah that is heavly used 8 times a year and maybe by the new auditorium if placed correctly or for helping solve some downtown parking issues in the spring and fall during tourist season is no more silly then the state having to pay for a parking garage next to building used by a privately own football team that is heavly used 8 times a year plus some odd events here and there. Profit is not the issue, since both will have high user fees for their events. Garage parking downtown Savannah St Pats weekend is $20-30 daily per space.

              Again, a $17 million parking structure in Savannah for drunk tourist annoys most state tax payers, even if it beneifits that state tax payer. Just like a $17 million parking structure out side Falcom Stadium for drunk sports fans, and which I will most likely never use but still have my taxes pay for annoys me.

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