The Red Coats Are Coming

No, the Brits have not returned to claim their colony.  Today is Junior League of Atlanta, Inc. Day at the Capitol.  You will see the halls (and the Governor’s office) inundated with ladies in their red coats representing the interests of women and children in the community.  First Lady Sandra Deal was a Junior League of Gainesville member before she occupied the Governor’s Mansion.

I know, I know…you’re thinking oh, the Juuunior League (said while looking down your nose) and holding your tea cups with your pinky out…that’s those ladies who lunch coming to play politics for a few hours with the boys.  Not so much.

I think of us as that group of 3,500 women (the third largest Junior League in the nation) as that group of ladies who last year gave 34,550 hours of community service (valued at $750,000), those do-gooders who gave $261,992 in direct funding through grants, and gave 37,000 hours of training to women to be effective leaders and volunteers in the community.

Oh, and we VOTE.

If you’re from OTP, you’ve probably enjoyed the fruits of the JLA’s labor here in the city as well.  Ever been  to the opera? Yep, we helped get that started.  So too, did the Junior League of Atlanta, Inc. help to establish The Atlanta Speech School,  The Atlanta Children’s Shelter, CHRIS Kids, and the Power Over Prejudice Summit.  We’ve been working quietly in this community since 1916.  We also co-hosted a forum at Agnes Scott College (my alma mater) recently featuring Somaly Mam, focusing on human trafficking in the City of Atlanta.

We’ll be advocating today as a bloc, but many of our members are in your midst as lobbyists, staffers, party presidents, and run of the mill politicos, like myself.  Some of us might even know the inside track on the latest bill.  You’ll never know unless you get to know us.  So don’t judge us for our past, pay attention to what difference we’re making in the present.

So when you see the red coats today, why don’t you do something unexpected?  Write THEM a thank you note.


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  1. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    I was a Junior League’er in Worcester, Massachusetts when I lived in New England, and back in the mid-1980s I was the proud president of the Lawrenceville Junior Woman’s Club (not affiliated with the Junior League, but with the Federated Woman’s Clubs). I worked as hard volunteering for them as a stay-at-home mom with young kids as I ever have worked in a full-time paid job. We planted crape myrtles at every public school in the Lawrenceville city limits and raised gazillions of dollars for local causes. Ladies who volunteer GET. IT. DONE.

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