Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 18th, 2014



  • Richard Branson: The Stuntman (London Review of Books)
  • Meet DARPA’s new generation of robots (Aeonsee also Your Job Taught to Machines Puts Half U.S. Work at Risk (Bloomberg)
  • Edward Snowden SXSW: Full Transcription and Video (Inside)
  • Drowning in Light: How Technology Feeds our Addiction to Light (Nautilus)
  • Inside The Barista Class (The Awl)
  • DataBall: The new Basketball Stats (Grantland)
  • Meet the world’s most marketed 12-year-old basketball player (Tampa Bay)
  • Exposing the big lie of the post-crash economy (TNR)
  • The intolerance of uneconomic economics (Pieria)
  • The Story Behind the Rob Ford Story (The Walrus)
  • That Chop on the Upbeat: Junior Braithwaite and the history of Jamaican popular music (Oxford American)


  • In race to citify, potential cityzens have no idea where they’ll abide (CBS46)
  • The legislative session has nearly sine die(d) (MDJ)
  • but good news for them, they’ll have another year to decide
  • whether they are Tuckerians, Briarcliffords, or on another side. (ajc)
  • Happy days felons! Soon you may be standing on more solid ground (ajc)
  • Nearly the end, and medical marijuana, other stuff, still hanging around (augustachronicle)
  • I’m confused, because I was certain Obama was General Lafayette,
  • but Jason Spencer says Cecil Staton plays Benedict Arnold in the 707 vignette. (wabe)




  1. Michael Silver says:

    Galloway’s article is filled with lots of factual errors.

    I suppose that is to be expected when your boss is married to the lead anti-gunner in the state (AJC’s Roughton and Demanding Mommies Ennis) and your paper has been on a 100+ year crusade against the Second Amendment.

    The first error is that felons can vote once they complete their sentence here in Georgia.

    The second error is that so-called stand your ground has always been self-defense law in Georgia from the colony’s very earliest days (early 1700’s). Its not something new. It was simply codified in 2006.

    The third factual error is the even convicted felons, such as the dangerous Martha Stewart, can use the state’s self-defense laws to defend themselves against violent attack and justify it in court. They can even use self-defense laws if they are attacked in the prison yard. The changes Galloway cites as horrid are needed to bring this section into alignment with EXISTING Georgia law regarding the EXISTING right of felons to use self-defense.

    Galloway should stick with reporting the happenings under the Gold Dome which he does very well and admirably.

  2. Scott65 says:

    The Lakeside bill needed to die. It was ridiculous from the start. Briarcliff is the only viable city that can coexist with Tucker. Under the proposal, all of Tucker ITP would still have to use Dekalb for 911 service which was a main reason to incorporate in the first place. Plus, Lakeside was a cherry picked mess while Briarcliff goes by natural borders. The only reason it didnt get its due is (God forbid) in had republicans and democrats in the same district. Whats worse, is that the ones left out of this Lakeside mishmash would have no voice in approving it, yet would be forced to live with the consequences. I’d say thats an arguable point to make in front of a judge.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Whoa. Heard he was in hospice but didnt know about the excommunication part. Thanks for the link.

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