3rd District GOP Straw Poll Results

The 3rd District GOP had a fundraising event with a straw poll over the weekend.  Below are the results from over 170 people voting.

The usual caveat of Straw Polls and their “meanings” applies, but the one thing I can take away from this is that in a room that seems to definitely have an anti-incumbent/establishment mood, Lynn Westmoreland still managed roughly 2/3 of the votes.   Continue to consider his primary challenge “a good fundraising opportunity” for him.

US Senate

Paul Broun 39%

Karen Handel 36%

David Perdue 12%

Derrick Grayson 9%

Jack Kingston 2%

Phil Gingrey 2%

Art Gardner .5%

2016 Presidential

Rand Paul 35%

Other 15%

Mike Huckabee 14%

Ted Cruz 12%

Jeb Bush 10%

Paul Ryan 8%

Chris Christie 6%

Marco Rubio .5%


David Pennington 60%

Nathan Deal 35%

John Barge 5%

State School Superintendent

Mary Kay Bacallao 56%

Nancy Jester 21%

Richard Woods 11%

Ashley Bell 7%

Kira Willis 3%

Allen Fort 1%

Mike Buck 0%

Sharyl Dawes 0%

Fitz Johnson 0%

US Representative 3rd District

Lynn Westmoreland 64%

Chip Flanegan 30%

Write in 6%

State Senate District 16

Marty Harbin 58%

David Studdard 26%

Bob Barnard 5%

Bill Johnston 4%

Erik Manning 3%

James Clifton 3%

Gil Williams 0%


    • Scott65 says:

      I think if republicans chose Broun…you guys got a lot more problems than a senate seat. Its not liberals that think he is wacked. Its everyone but a slight majority of conservative fire breathers (who by and large show up at primary elections by the bus load). Vote Broun…get used to Sen. Nunn

  1. seenbetrdayz says:

    Happy to see that Other is polling well. His platform of ‘Anything’ should be a winning message in 2016.

      • South Fulton Guy says:

        Charlie, I guess I genuinely need help in understanding in the meaning of threadjack*.

        If a candidate in a straw poll in a breaking story is chased down by a TV reporter how is that not related, relevant or outside the purview of the original subject i.e. the candidates?

        *To take over the content of a message thread by changing the subject of discourse to a topic outside the purview of the original subject and/or forum, while maintaining the subject line

        • South Fulton Guy says:

          For a practical matter how might I share this significant bad behavior of a candidate for the US Senate with my fellow PP audience?

          Submit a tip has NEVER resulted in a post from me, and thus a waste of time, so the reality is that unless a front page poster thinks something is interesting it never makes it to the blog.

          If I have to go to timeout after seven plus years of posting to Peach Pundit so be it…

        • Charlie says:

          OK, on the first item, judgment call and you’re likely correct. I’ll apologize for the quick response. A lot going on here. Tangentially enough related that the response should have been different.

          To the question below as to how you share unrelated topics, Open threads (which we don’t do as often as we probably should any more) or morning reads, which are all treated as open threads.

          As to your third assertion I don’t believe that is correct. Just because they’re not immediate (and they never will be) or every time doesn’t mean we don’t use them.

    • xdog says:

      Maybe. But then how do you explain Pennington?

      I think the numbers reflect that the kind of events where straw-polls are available draw heavily from the disaffected.

  2. northside101 says:

    Interesting Rand Paul winning this straw poll–he also won the one at CPAC in the Washington area a few weeks ago. He represents a blend of libertarianism and conservatism. Perhaps Republicans realizing that a return to the past—e.g., Huckabee, Santorum, Palin, Gingrich, etc.—will not earn the GOP the White House in 2016. Need someone new, someone who can crack into “Blue America” (the 18 states+DC and 242 electoral votes that have voted Republican for president in the last 6 presidential elections). But he’ll have to show he is not too isolationist even among an electorate weary of foreign involvements after a decade + of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • xdog says:

      Rand Paul could get support from younger votes, especially if his ‘libertarianism’ included a more moderate view of abortion and drug legalization.

      The list of previous CPAC straw poll winners over the last 10 years is kinda interesting although I have no idea what it indicates–Rand, Rand, Mitt, Ron, Ron, Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, George Freaking Allen, Giuliani.

      • John Vestal says:

        Latest updates from Pew indicate that the younger demographics are actually remaining consistent in regard to the various positions on both abortion and 2A rights. Where they are showing the most moderation compared to the older groups is in regard to drug (specifically marijuana) legalization, immigration reform and same-sex marriage (although nearly all demos have shifted dramatically on the latter).

  3. northside101 says:

    Actually, 18 states and DC that have voted Democratic, not Republican, in the last 6 presidential elections (Mea Culpa). Another 3 states have gone Democratic 5 of the last 6 (Iowa, New Hampshire and New Mexico). Add those 21 states, you’ve got 257 electoral votes—just 13 short of what you need to win. Perhaps Paul could win some blue-leaning states that have a fairly large libertarian presence like Colorado, Minnesota and New Hampshire. Unlike say Rick Santorum who has a fixation on contraception of all things…

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