Morning Reads for March 13th, 2014

Atlanta’s biggest electronic music group, STS9, covers this Outkast classic. Jazz meets hip-hop for a toe-tappin’ good time.

Today’s MR’s, below the fold.


  • All the sound and fury behind SB 167, the “anti-Common Core Bill” that went before the House Education Committee, ultimately signified nothing. Insight from Charlie  and Maureen Downey
  • The Senate voted to erect a monument to Dr. Martin Luther King on Capitol grounds Wednesday, though not before voting on a statue of the Ten Commandments. Why just honor a great man when you can get your name on a wedge issue as well?
  • The crusade for medical cannabis in Georgia marches on. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee (‘ealth and ‘uman ‘ervices, for our British friends) unanimously approved of Rep. Allen Peake’s bill.
  • According to left-leaning Better Georgia and Public Policy Polling, Rep. Paul Broun is leading the race for the Republican nomination to Senate.
  • Might be time to change the state’s symbol. There’s a growing movement at UGA to make the Arch wheelchair accessible.


  • Via Slate: deBlasio v. Charter Schools over in First Round, First Minute, TKO. Charter schools the new champion.
  • NSFW take on all the BS around our conversation about the missing Malaysian 777. If you like your aviation disaster stories flavored with geopolitics, go here.
  • If you turned on STS9 earlier, your work might be slowing down. Or speeding up. It depends.
  • If you haven’t heard Marco Rubio’s impromptu speech on the Senate floor last week regarding Cuba and Venezuela, you owe it to yourself to hear it.
  • Body-language experts talk about President Putin like he’s the fine wine we all know him to be.
  • A gas leak in East Harlem NYC killed 6 people and demolished a building.
  • The feud between Senator Feinstein and CIA Director John Brennan continues; reports indicate Director Brennan refuses to believe he does, in fact, answer to Congress.
  • Speaking of which, Lois Lerner may get charged with Contempt of Congress. Is there anyone who isn’t contemptful of Congress?

I’ll let you ride out on out with the original: SpottieOttieDopalicious, by Atlanta’s very own Big Boi and Andre 3000.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    I think everyone has different body language when talking to the press than at other times, and if Putin had to talk to American cable news reporters more often, I’m sure he’d be more animated and visibly irritated.

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