National Dems Need a Win in Georgia

That, at least, is the conclusion of an article in TIME Magazine last week, profiling Michelle Nunn’s U.S. Senate candidacy.

Republicans need to pick up six seats to retake the Senate, and the magazine says at least three of those – South Dakota, Montana and West Virginia – are likely in the bag already.

“That leaves Democrats praying for at least six wins in eight states,” the article says, “unless they get lucky somewhere they haven’t won in a long time.

“Somewhere like Georgia.”

Besides her political lineage, TIME says Nunn’s final qualification is the “almost comical field of Republican challengers who have been doing everything they can to commit political fratricide. In one recent ad, Republican businessman David Perdue depicted his seven GOP rivals as a bunch of babies in diapers crying on the floor,” the article says.

TIME didn’t fail to point out some embarrassing gaffes from some of the other Republicans in the GOP primary, either, citing U.S. Rep. Paul Broun’s claim that evolutionary theories are “lies from the pits of hell;” U.S. Rep. Jack Kington’s suggestion that low-income middle schoolers sweep floors to earn free lunches; and U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey’s defense of Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin’s comments that women have a natural defense against pregnancies in cases of “legitimate rape.”


  1. Harry says:

    I’d hardly describe this GOP primary as “fratricide”. Democrats must be desperate if they’re betting money on Nunn…a person with no sympathetic charisma, and who is welded at the hip to Obama.

    Charlie, can we get no more liberal/Democratic front pagers? Please? We have enough already.

    • Michael Silver says:

      I wouldn’t dismiss Michelle’ chances. She can easily move to the center. Her professional experience has always been non-partisan and dedicated to public service. An example is that she worked for former President Bush’s 1000 point of light foundation.

      I do believe that when the Republicans choose the wrong candidate, her chances of victory will increase dramatically.

  2. tdk790 says:

    And PPP just happens to release a poll (inconsistent with every other poll thus far) that has Broun up front.. just as he has no money and Kingston/Perdue ramp up their TV ads and Handel gets some conservative endorsements.

    What a sham.

    • Blake says:

      Yeah, that poll is weird. On the other hand, PPP has a pretty good polling history, despite being ideologically Democratic.

      • tdk790 says:

        They get judged on their final polls right before elections, as they should.

        But that leaves the years and months between elections to play with margins and samples.. with no election nearby to disprove their aberrational findings.

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