Rumors, Reshuffling and Reloading

Qualifying week is always a hectic one.  For consultants, we want to know up to the minute data so we have the edge on our competition.  For candidates, they hold their breath hoping for no contest, or if they get it that the competition will be easy but a means by which to fundraise.  Georgia has redistricted itself in such a way that entire seats are determined in the primary.   Two party elections are not prevalent here, and third party candidates are even rarer.

However, there are those interesting twists in qualifying when someone unexpectedly doesn’t go up for their seat again or announces they are considering some other office.  Senator Jesse Stone is one such example.  Last week, Peach Pundit was considering the truth behind the rumors Austin Rhodes had indicated of whether or not Stone had been appointed to a judgeship.  I contacted the good Senator and he told me that he had released a press statement to the contrary earlier.  I posted on Thursday the statement he forwarded me. Late Friday night, Senator Stone posted a 180 degree update to the rumors regarding his consideration of his appointment as judge, and I posted in accord.

However, I was left asking myself, why would Stone not be shouting to the rooftops his good fortune?  In my humble opinion, he would make a great judge.  He is not hot headed or rash, and while he is a team player, he thinks independently of leadership.   He and I got to know one another a few years ago via a leadership class where I was personally encouraged by his willingness to ask challenging questions of certain accepted pillars of thought at the time. He has a quiet nature about him that some may mistake for being too soft.  I would offer that he is wise enough to wait to strike at the right time.

I got my answer to that internal question a little after 11pm on Friday evening and if the prediction is true, it’s a helluva good reason for the Senator to keep his mouth shut.

It has been predicted that in the coming days Senator Stone will offer a committee substitute to HB 875, the carry bill that was said to pass without doubt this session.  It has been predicted that this substitute will essentially water it down enough to render its  edges smooth. And, for the heat Stone shall take, his reward will be that shortly following session he will be appointed judge by Governor Deal.  It is very likely that the GOP executive committee will select his replacement, not primary voters.  I know very little about party rules, so I shall leave that up to others to verify its accuracy.  The decks are being reshuffled by leadership, and the bill will be reloaded in an altered form.

This is a rumor and may entirely not come to pass.  It would not be the first time I have been duped in regards to this Senator, so we shall watch this unfold together.


“A closed mouth catches no flies.”-Miguel de Cervantes


  1. eburke says:

    Looks like you got the story right, Sen Stone introduced a substitute to the gun bill and is drawing criticism in Atlanta. Back home he is drawing criticism for abandoning his voters to let party leaders pick our Senator and not the voters of the 23rd district. It appears he has sold his Senate seat for a minor judgeship. What will be his price when he is Judge.

  2. robertg222 says:

    I wonder if that scum Bloomberg is pumping some of his pro-criminal money into the pot. The 1% doesn’t seem to like the idea that the 99% can carry guns to defend themselves.

  3. RamRoddoc says:

    Yep, Stone sold out to someone who made him a “Deal” for judgeship. Most likely the push from the 4th branch of government the school board of Regents allowed him to substitute a watered down HB 875. They can keep HB 875, I hope it honestly was worth his integrity.

    The house in anticipation took the original HB 875 minus the $100 fine for a permit holder found on campus soil and incorporated it in HB 60. HB 875, now HB 60, never changed state law for non-permit holders-face up to 10 years prison if caught with a firearm on campus soil.

    Most opponents of HB 875-really HB 60 now, opposed the bill because they didn’t “feel” right with it or it would make them “feel” less safe. Bloomberg’s MAIG-now really Mom’s Who Demand Action acquired after his failure in Colorado to save three Democrat recalled Senators (Morse, Giron and Hudak) with >3 times the money, Gabby’s Gang-Georgia Gun (non) Sense and other out of state anti-gun groups are intentionally disseminating misinformation, lies and fear pandering to kill the bill. These groups continue to speculate and make the claim lawful weapons permit holders are a liability and threat to public safety. Are they? The same tired arguments attempted to prevent “shall carry’ laws in 41 states, the same attempted to prevent lawful carry on public transit (MARTA), the same attempted to prevent lawful carry in the non-sterile areas of our airports, the same attempt to prevent possession in our cars when dropping of the kids at school (was a prior felony charge) and the same attempt to prevent lawful carry in our parks. Those attempts failed and have been lawful areas to carry for years. Are we honestly more at risk or less?

    The weapons permit revocation rate for all the states with shall carry laws (millions of permits) is less than <1%. Of that tiny fraction, most revocations were for non-violent offenses. Legal carry is and has not been a "threat" to public safety but quite the opposite. Lawful carry is asset to public safety and to ignore that fact is rather naïve and to claim otherwise questions one's motives as well as integrity. Legal carry holders have become a force multiplier in securing public safety but let's ignore that and make great effort of the public "feeling safe" at the honest loss of public safety.

    The billions of Bloomberg-MAIG dollars infused here in our home state would tell a tale. I'd start with Andy Pelosi (MAIG's representative living here) and follow the money, if Andy is trusted with such things which he probably is not. Interesting point, not one I strongly considered until now.

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