Grrls before Gays?

Incumbent endorsements are nothing new in politics.  Incumbents who raise funds for candidates aren’t news either.  However, when one of the most vocal openly gay state lawmakers requests funding in a race where one candidate is openly gay and another is not- that is news.  

Representative Drenner endorsed Elena Parent early on, but now is making an ask for funds on Parent’s behalf- not Kyle Williams.  Drenner’s endorsement carries weight for the district as is, as she is a well-liked incumbent who is unquestioned on issues of energy and education, among others.  However, her endorsement and solicitation of funds for Parent bears weight in the queer community as well.  Drenner is an unwavering advocate of the LGBT community who I last saw serving on a panel at the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus event. (Their a cappella rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way put Gaga to shame and brought the house down at Glenn Memorial.)  For Drenner to choose to support Elena in this race versus Kyle shows Parent’s implicit ability to build bridges, serve a larger community, and that she is wise enough to know how to play bigger political chips.  Drenner’s email is below the fold.  

Elena Parent For State Senate
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Dear Friend,I was proud to be among the first to endorse Elena in her campaign for State Senate District 42. I saw the type of legislator Elena is when she served beside me in the State House, and I witnessed her dedication to the greater good when she decided to avoid a divisive primary campaign after Republican gerrymandering. Now Elena needs all our support.

I’m committed to helping Elena reach her March online fundraising goal of $15,000. Will you contribute $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford to help us get there?

Elena’s record on equality and issues that impact women and families is outstanding. As a mother of two young boys, Elena will fight for the rights of all parents in Georgia. I’m excited about the opportunity to get her back to the Capitol as an ally in the State Senate. Please help make that happen with your support today.


Karla Drenner

State Representative HD 85