Deal: Port Project Sailing Along

Gov. Deal says the state will step up to provide funding for the deepening of the Port of Savannah (POS). His announcement comes after the Obama administration failed to deliver on a promise to secure federal funding for the POS project.

In a statement released on Thursday, Gov. Deal said:

“The failure of the president’s budget recommendation to fund the Savannah Harbor deepening is another broken promise from the Obama administration. That’s why I am preparing the state to move forward on our own until the federal government lives up to its obligations in this partnership. The Obama administration has noted repeatedly the importance of projects such as this for economic development and job creation, and the state of Georgia, as always, stands ready to do its part.”



  1. Jon Lester says:

    Carter and Nunn might win more votes if they’d just admit that Joe Biden lied to us. Someone in the Democratic party needs to do that, before team-first thinking gives us Hillary as president and worsens all matters foreign and domestic. Carter already knows he has to run to the right of Roy Barnes, and Nunn should be asked directly if she’s willing to resist the establishment or if she prefers to assimilate into it.

    • John Konop says:


      In all due respect that is a bizarre comment. You want a Democrat to call a fellow Democrat a liar for not spending federal dollars, the federal government needs to borrow, for a project that the GOP base is against using federal dollars to fund, to get votes for a Democrat in a general election? HUH? What am I missing?

      BTW I actually think combined with rail and fixing metro Atlanta traffic this would be a good investment…But I cannot follow your logic?

      As I said many times I do not think Carter or Nunn can win this cycle…I do not think your advice makes any sense for Nunn or Carter….Finally I have never met nor talked to either one of them…

      • saltycracker says:

        Bizarre ? It is time to expect politicians to stand for what they were or want to be elected for – serving the people not the party. Sam Nunn sorta had that reputation. If Nunn or Carter supported the Fed budget including the port improvements they should be pissed and saying so.

        If their party traded funding for something else, like Carter on the sub base, and they support their party, man-up and take the consequences. It’s for sure the Feds are going to spend more money somewhere.

        A politician we can trust to reflect Georgia has a good chance to get a lot of crossovers.

        Time for the Repubs to look for plan “B” public/private and deliver instead of blaming.

    • Yeah sorry – Jason Carter is not Governor and Michelle Nunn is not in Congress the last time I checked. If you think Michelle Nunn could get this done if she were in the Senate, then by all means vote for her to do that.

      But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a job applicant have to accomplish the job before they have it.

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