14th District Republican Party To Host Candidate Training

Qualifying ends tomorrow and there will be a lot of newcomers seeking office. Are you one of those newcomers (or have a favorite “non-establishment” candidate) who is running for office in the Republican primary going “now what?” Then you might want to take note of what’s going on this Saturday.

The 14th District Republican Party of Georgia will be hosting candidate training, with a focus primarily on county and local elections, this Saturday, March 8th at the Cobb County GOP headquarters (yes, Cobb is not in the 14th Congressional District, but we are very grateful to be a guest there).

Here are the list of topics that will be covered and the presenters:

Election Law—Randy Evans, McKenna Long and Aldridge

Campaign Plan—Mark Rountree, Landmark Communications

Fundraising—John Garst, Rosetta Stone Communications

Yard Signs & Branding—Glenn Tablingson, Campaign Graphics

Volunteers and Door to Door—Paul Bennecke, ConnectSouth

Dealing with the Media—Virginia Galloway, Faith & Freedom Coalition

Advertising & Social Media—Jordan Fuchs, Landmark Communications

Early registration is $25 and ends today. Admission is $35 at the door. Thanks to Doug Grammer and the 14th District Republican Party for getting this organized.