Pitts vs. Eaves

Lost in the qualifying commotion yesterday is the news the Fulton County Commissioner Rob Pitts is challenging John Eaves for the commission chairmanship.

Before the race even started, the knives started to fly. 

Pitts says that Fulton County has lost its stature throughout the region in recent years. By that I’m guessing he means the years Eaves has been in charge.

Eaves believes Pitts is breaking the law with his campaign.

From WABE:

He claims Pitts has been raising campaign dollars under the District 2 spot and applying the money to his run for chairman.

“State laws – ethics laws – prevent a particular candidate from using dollars collected for one office and applying it for another office, and he has been collecting money as the District 2 commissioner.  That is, in my opinion, a clear violation of ethics,” Eaves said.


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