Georgia Lawmakers Get a Fortune Cookie

A rally was held Monday at the state Capitol by the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center (AALAC) in protest of two controversial bills in the Senate.

AllNews 106.7 reported that the bills would require drivers license exams be given only in English, as well as delay immigrant youth from obtaining a driver’s license.

To drive their point home, the AALAC gave all the legislator’s a fortune cookie and a fortune that read: “Georgia’s fortune grows with immigrants and refugees — let’s put an end to unwelcoming legislation.”

Numerous Georgia lawmakers got a little gift on Crossover Day.
Numerous Georgia lawmakers got a little gift on Crossover Day.

“Every politician that’s here realizes this does not pay and it’s cheap politics at the expense of Georgians,” said AALAC Executive Director Helen Ho.

She said that ultimately these bills come up because there is some politician who thinks they can win votes by pushing an anti-refugee/anti-immigrant agenda.

According to the Georgia General Assembly website, both bill remain in Senate hopper, which means they won’t be passed this year.

Monday was Crossover Day. Any bill that did not make it onto the floor of the House or Senate for a vote cannot be considered by the other chamber for passage.


  1. NancyJasper1 says:

    When the Senate doesn’t want to upset the “lobbyist” who grant FAVORS or upset the “applecart” by confronting an issue when they are up for RE ELECTION, bills get put in hopper. It saves a lot of butts! The Senators can then say, “there was nothing I could do”.

    WHY NOT DO WHAT THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE TELL YOU TO DO? VOTE ON THE BILL EVEN IF YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE! Why is it after getting elected/reelected no one seems to want to tackle the hard stuff?

  2. objective says:

    lobbyist expenditures on customized cookies: $77?
    efficient demonstration of legislative grandstanding: priceless

    for the record, though, even the foreign language driver tests present the signs as they actually appear in english, right?

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