Morning Reads: 3 March 2014

It’s crossover day. Also, it is the first day of qualifying. Time for all of those “announced” candidates to put their money where their mouth is. Anyone have an over/under for how many people will actually be in the State School Superintendent race?

Here’s what happened over the weekend.


Rep. Stacey Abrams takes to CNN to argue against the passage of Rep. Sam Teasley’s or Sen Josh McKoon’s Preservation of Religious Freedom Act.
The Medical Amnesty bill, that grants amnesty from drug charges to folks who call for help during drug overdoses, passed the house last week and shouldn’t have any problems in the Senate.
Business community comes out against Senate Resolution to make English official state language.
Another snowpocalypse coming?
Curious about what a Braves Stadium plan looks like right now?
What do Sam Moore, Bob Barr, and Charles Gregory have in common?

National International

A terrorist, getting a trial in the US, that isn’t a military tribunal. Praise be to the folks that decided we finally needed some legitimacy.
9 in 10 students in New Orleans attend a charter school, here’s how it is working so far.
The plan for Detroit’s recovery is going to be unpleasant for everyone.
Russia invaded Ukraine, NATO suggests Russia should go back home.
The Pakistan Taliban has announced a one month cease fire with Pakistani Troops.

Everything Else

Just for Ed, Georgia State will get a mention.
That’s a whole lot of planets.




  1. Jon Lester says:

    Call it an invasion if you like, but Russia has secured Crimea without firing a shot, and a majority of Ukrainian forces there have sworn allegiance to the regional government. Meanwhile, the new Kiev government, not content to outlaw minority languages, now wants to make dual citizenship a crime punishable by 10 years of prison. Plainly, western Ukraine is less free now than it was a month ago. Your tax dollars at work.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      What tax dollars? The US hasnt put any money or military actions behind Ukraine. Where are you getting that from? And are you seriously praising Russia for occupying a portion of another country that has NOT been in dispute? Isnt this what we (the West) get up in arms about when it happens in the Middle East (see Iraq/Kuwait)?

      • Jon Lester says:

        You might want to look at who Victoria Nuland’s married to. Hillary didn’t do a thing to stem neoconservative influence at State, and may well be PNAC’s favorite for 2016.

        Besides, wouldn’t you think the Maidan regime feels encouraged by talk of $1 billion in loan guarantees?

        And yes, I am praising the Russians. We’re being lied to on behalf of policymakers and behind-the-scenes actors whose ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance. Funny how people on all sides of American politics can dispute the truthfulness of for-profit mass media reporting some days and gladly take it as gospel on others.

    • Harry says:

      FL has a lot more electoral votes and is a swing state, not that such political thoughts would enter the minds of the Obamites.

  2. John Vestal says:

    The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act (HR 2019) passed the US House back in December. It’s named for 10-year-old Gabriella Miller, a Leesburg, VA, girl who lost her 11-month battle with a brain tumor in October….but not before becoming a powerful advocate for increasing awareness of the woeful underfunding of pediatric cancer research (an advocacy in which I am also active).

    It would purportedly eliminate taxpayer funding of political party conventions and use those funds to supplement current NIH funding of this research.

    Only one Republican in the House voted ‘nay’ on this resolution, which passed 295-103 but is expected to get no traction in the Senate.

    Care to guess which GOP congressman voted against it?

  3. Three Jack says:

    Georgia senate passes another abortion restriction bill –

    It would be interesting to know how much money was spent on abortions for women on state insurance coverage over the past few years that made this such a pressing matter. Must be in the gazillions since this bill along with so many other socon bills take precedent over fixing transportation and education.

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