Morning Reads–The Ed Takeover

Obi’s Sister said I deserved the keys to the Morning Reads. Can’t argue with that.

Here’s to un-ironically liking “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood.



  1. Ed says:

    Meanwhile, only one school in Georgia is having success. That school is Georgia State.

    Your Panthers are fresh off the heels of a victory over UGA and are about to clinch a conference title in hoops.

  2. Ellynn says:

    I was so happy to see a Ed morning read, and then… another C&W music link… I suffered through 11 weeks if Buck Owens already… I surrender!!!

  3. ryanhawk says:

    Is Jason Carter going to appear with Joe Biden at Drew Charter School? I’m guessing that would be too right wing for him based on his past opposition to real world charter schools.

  4. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

    Laugh while you can, the climate change link may be a complete game changer:

    “Two of the world’s most prestigious science academies say there’s clear evidence that humans are causing the climate to change.

    The time for talk is over, says the US National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society, the national science academy of the UK.”

    And further from the same source:

    “In addition, the chemical balance of the oceans has shifted toward a more acidic state, which makes it difficult for organisms such as corals and shellfish to form and maintain their shells.

    As the oceans continue to absorb CO2, their acidity will continue to increase over the next century, along with as yet undetermined impacts on marine ecosystems and the food web.

    Even if greenhouse gas emissions were to suddenly stop, it would take thousands of years for atmospheric CO2 to return to its levels before the industrial era. If emissions continue unabated, future climate changes will substantially exceed those that have occurred so far, the publication says.”

    We need to stop China pollution first, BTW:

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