More Senate Incumbent Trouble: Senate District 27 Edition

It appears State Senator Jack Murphy may be joining the ranks of Don Balfour with multiple credible opponents.  Lauren McDonald III – the Coroner of Forsyth County and Son of Political Fixture and PSC Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald – has sent over a press release announcing his candidacy.  He joins Michael Williams in contesting Murphy, who had a bit of a run-in with…”someone” who doesn’t want him in this race.

Murphy narrowly won re-election two years ago by just over 100 votes (out of more than 26,000) cast.  (Aside, good luck finding this on SECRETARY OF STATE/GIANT HEAD BRIAN KEMP’S FANCY NEW TAXPAYER FUNDED BROKEN WEBSITE.)  Murphy is well known for asking to be Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee the same week he was sued by the FDIC for Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Gross Negligence as a director of the failed Integrity Bank of Alpharetta.

McDonald is a household name in the 27th district, and brings a similar signal that an incumbent is in trouble as P.K. Martin and Mike Beaudreau have to Don Balfour’s 9th Senate District.  In a Senate that already has a large share of Freshman and Sophomore legislators, here’s two more seats to watch closely for potential turnover.  And in these cases, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Mr. McDonald’s press release is below the fold.

Lauren W. McDonald, III, Forsyth County Leader, father, husband and Conservative to run for State Senate


Cumming—Lauren McDonald publically announces his intention to qualify as a Republican for State Senate District 27. Lauren McDonald, of McDonald & Son Funeral Home, a conservative leader and community volunteer, said he looks forward to a positive grassroots campaign.


Lauren McDonald most recently served the county as Coroner for 12 years and as a county firefighter for the past 25 years.  Lauren is an avid supporter of our youth sports community and spends his evenings and weekends coaching.


“I am overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support from the community over the past decade.  This community has given me so much. It is my desire to give back and faithfully serve as the next State Senator from Forsyth.  After prayerful consideration and much counsel, I have decided to run for State Senate,” stated McDonald.


Lauren McDonald, III is a small business owner who runs McDonald and Son Funeral Home.  Lauren is the only job creator in the race and has 17 employees.  McDonald understands what it means to sign the front of paychecks, not just the back.  Bringing quality jobs to Georgia and Forsyth County will be Lauren McDonald’s top priority.

Our community benefits from a large tax base with a low tax burden. This combined with our quality education system makes Forsyth County the ideal place for businesses to relocate.  If given the privilege to serve, Lauren W. McDonald III will be our number one advocate for high paying, quality jobs.

“Forsyth County needs a Senator in tune with the needs of our community.  A leader who is a full time resident and successful business owner.  I plan on taking my conservative, pro-business, small government values to the State Capitol. Every citizen of Forsyth County will have a friend at the capitol.”

Lauren McDonald is vested in our community. He works here, volunteers his time here, worships here, and along with his wife Claire, raises their 3 children here.  He has spent the past 17 years in Forsyth County and plans on retiring here.  Lauren and Claire are members of Cumming First United Methodist Church.


  1. billofgainesville says:

    Jack Schiff is also a very strong candidate in this race. Jack is the Founder of Rewarding Minds, a nonprofit he started to help high school students who are high achievers academically, but who lack the resources to purchase computers, printers and software to help them bridge the digital divide. Four candidates in this race spell the end for Sen. Murphy. And there is a very strong possibility a fifth candidate will qualify next week. County scuttlebutt says it will either be School Board member Kristen Morrissey or County Commissioner Brian Tam.

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