Sharyl Dawes Announces Campaign For State School Superintendent

Really, will anyone in Georgia not running for State School Superintendent please raise their hand?

Ms Dawes joins, in no particular order, Fitz Johnson, Kira Willis, Nancy Jester, Richard Woods, Mary Kay Bacallao, Ashley Bell and Mike Buck in declaring their intentions to seek the Republican nomination for Georgia State School Superintendent. And that’s just on the Republican side.

From the release, which continues below the fold: “Sharyl Dawes, a former educator and former Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party announced her campaign today for Georgia’s School Superintendent in the Republican Primary. Sharyl Dawes was born on Travis Air Force Base in California, while her father served as a Major in the Korean Conflict. Dawes is a fourth-generation teacher, who earned an MBA and spent 26 years as a corporate executive – specializing in turning around projects which were not profitable or inefficient.”

“The Republican Primary for School Superintendent will be held on May 20th of this year and already is a crowded field – with six candidates currently vying for the seat. Dawes is the only candidate with experience as an educator, businesswoman and chairman of a Republican Party organization in a large Georgia County.

Dawes has spent nearly 20 years as an active PTA Legislative Liaison to the Georgia Legislature and is uniquely qualified to work with state government on behalf of schools. Under her leadership, her local PTSA in Johns Creek was recognized as Georgia’s “Most Outstanding High School PTSA.”

“One of my great concerns for Georgia’s schools is the inability to adequately teach our children because of the language barrier of many students,” said Dawes, “I plan to implement an ‘English Only’ policy for classroom instruction. This is not intended to be punitive – it is intended to prepare Georgia’s students for the competitive job market of the future. I also want to keep classroom instruction from being slowed down due a student’s inability to understand English.”

Sharyl Dawes and her husband live in Johns Creek with their two children. Michael Dawes attends Notre Dame Law School and Danielle will be a freshman at Duke University next fall.”


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I’ll give her the benefit of doubt with respect to the penultimate paragraph in the post above that she can provide some science (real, not along the lines of creationist mythology) supporting it. Otherwise the not punitive aspect is reminiscent of claim concerning the origin of the recent religious liberty legislation.

  2. PegM says:

    The schools would be well served to have Dawes on the job. An extrodinarily gifted and talented woman who would eschew politics to do the right thing and make the schools better.

  3. Salmo says:

    We plan to send our children to a dual-immersion English/Spanish school, so that last sentence does nothing whatsoever for me. I don’t see any good reason to just completely abandon kids who come into school not speaking any English (that’s essentially what that policy would do)

  4. analogkid says:

    The mandatory two units of foreign language will be a lot easier if she’s elected.

    Teacher: “Please open your textbooks to Chapter 1. The French for the infinitive verb “to be” is “to be,” except it’s one word and in French. Got it? Great! Now turn to Chapter 2…”

  5. tcd says:

    Has she ever lived or worked with a student who doesn’t speak English? Not punitive? Give me a break! Can’t we ever do something that is in the best interest of the children instead of for political gain?

    • ricstewart says:

      Here, here! This is the exact reason she will not be getting my vote. Easy to rule at least one candidate out for me.

      Sadly, this kind of pandering will probably pay off handsomely in the primary.

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