Secretary of State Releases 2014 Qualifying Information Packet

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp released the 2014 qualifying guide and forms on Monday:

[Monday,] Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp released a “one stop shop” informational packet for candidates wishing to qualify in the 2014 elections. The informational packet helps candidates by clearly outlining the dates, times, and locations for qualifying in partisan and nonpartisan races. It also includes reference information for Write-In Candidates and Independent/Political Body Candidates.
The packet features a concise 5-page format including detailed qualifying checklists and a complete set of required documents. The additional documents are embedded within the packet and can be accessed by clicking on any of the underlined blue links.
“In light of the recent changes, I wanted to ensure that veterans and newcomers alike could go through the qualifying season with confidence. With that in mind, we designed a comprehensive source of information that is both easy to understand and share,” said Secretary Kemp.

You can download the packet over at the Secretary of State’s website. It comes in a .zip file and is in a PDF format.

Qualifying will begin Monday, March 3rd and run through Friday, March 7th.


  1. South Fulton Guy says:

    Looking to see who will be at the Capital bright and early Monday at qualifying. I am hearing that there are some surprises about who is running against incumbents for constitutional offices. This should be an exciting week…

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