Pre-Qualifying Shenanigans in Senate 27…

Jim Galloway had this interesting item:

Michael Williams is set to challenge state Sen. Jack Murphy of Cumming in the Republican primary. Qualifying begins Monday. This morning, Williams sent out a note that included this:

“Several weeks back, a package with no return address arrived on the front steps of the Williams home in Cumming.  Michael’s wife, Virginia, opened the package to discover a mysterious message typed in large black type with no signature or indication of the sender.

“The typed letter informed the receiver that he (Williams) should reconsider his bid for State Senate or the anonymous sender would attempt to discredit him through misinformation and half-truths.

“The package also contained divorce records for Williams’ previous marriage as well as documents concerning a bankruptcy that he went through with a previous business.  The package made it clear that these documents as well as several other veiled allegations would be made public if Williams did not withdraw from the race.” 

So, blackmail? This race has gotten nasty, even before it has begun. Below the fold is further information and a picture of the package. 


The more innocuous it looks, the creepier it is. Williams, though isn’t going to wilt because of blackmail attempts. From his statement: 

“It’s sad that establishment politicians think it necessary to try and intimidate others who wish to take part in the political process,” said Williams.  “I want to make it loud and clear to my opponent, I will not be intimidated out of this race by anyone.  The voters of this district will be given a choice this election – simply being an incumbent is not reason enough to serve another term.”  He went on to say, “I am by no means perfect but what I can promise the voters is that I will always be direct and honest with you.  My accomplishments as well as faults are part of what has made me who I am and what I believe.  I welcome anyone to look into my campaign and learn more about what I stand for and also to call me directly about any questions or concerns.  I want to be the most accessible State Senator this district has ever had.  That is not a campaign promise but a way that I intend to conduct myself.”

Disclosure: Last year, I was one of a team of consultants working for Michael Williams and helped him get his campaign started, but we’ve had no professional relationship since that time.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Looks like we now have two candidates that can’t handle money but Murphy would be far and away the expert at working it with a legal staff.

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