Morning Reads — Thursday, February 27, 2014

On this day in 1827, the people of New Orleans celebrated the first Mardi Gras.
More notably, on this day in 1922, the 19th amendment was declared Constitutional for purposes of ratification and ultimately granting women the right to vote.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. notsplost says:

    Note how quickly they move to bailout Ukraine but not a penny for Detroit, Puerto Rico or the unemployed in our own country.

  2. Raleigh says:

    Southerners that I know are only miserable when they live in Chicago, New York, etc. Ref. Lewis Grizzard , “If I Ever Get Back To Georgia, I’m Gonna Nail My Feet To The Ground”. Now please pass the Bar B Que sauce my northern doctor was complaining about my cholesterol, again.

  3. Max Power says:

    10 Commandments perhaps headed to Capitol grounds

    Once again our state government is like a bad joke. Nice to see they’re tackling today’s most pressing issues.

    NASA finds 715 new plants

    Umm, I don’t think that’s quite right.

  4. Lea Thrace says:

    Real question for the legal eagles out there re: The Slow Pokes Move Over law being floated (HB459):

    Say I am on a section of 75 where speed limit is 65mph. I am in the left lane doing 60-65mph. Others behind me are attempting to do 70-80 ie. over the limit and breaking the law. I get pulled over for being a “slow poke” and get fined. How can I be fined for actually following in the law? When the others behind me are not? Is there a legal justification for that.

    • Ed says:

      Pretty sure it is easier to spot the person going 15 over rather than someone who is five under. However, if you aren’t even going the speed limit, you shouldn’t even think about going to the left.

      Just FYI.

      Also, as I said on FB, I think the real problem that this law hopes to address, is that you will almost always find one person going 40-45 in a 60 zone who is all the way over to the left. What these people don’t realize is that they are actually ruining the way highways are supposed to work and causing massive problems way behind them. The same applies for people going 60-65 who are over to the left.

      The concept of highways is pretty simple. If you don’t want to go fast, stay to the right. If traffic is passing you, stay to the right. If you are getting passed on both sides stop driving.


        • Ed says:

          If you’re doing 55 in a 55, just don’t go to the left.

          Seriously, what on earth is so hard about this?

          Fast traffic goes left. Slower traffic stays right. The only side you should be getting passed on is the left.

          This is more to do with the safety of ALL DRIVERS and ensuring ALL DRIVERS can use the highways as they are intended.

          • Max Power says:

            The maximum legal speed limit on any georgia road is 70 mph, if you’re going 70 in a 70 you should be under no legal obligation to drive on the right just because someone else wants to break the law and go 80.

            • Ed says:

              As said below, odds are you are impeding traffic. If you are impeding traffic you are putting others at risk. Look, if you find it tough to stomach that you might have to stay in the right, even if you are going the speed limit, I suggest you stay off the highway. There’s two more terrible drivers willing to step in for you.

              • Max Power says:

                Impeding traffic that’s violating the law. If two folks are drag racing on the street and I pull out in front of them, that’s not impeding traffic. I have a hunch this law wouldn’t fly in the courts because you’re ticketing someone for obeying the law in favor of those violating it.

                • Lea Thrace says:

                  Your last sentence is what I am getting at. How can this be enforced is the first question. But the second and more important one (to me) is how the heck this law could stand up to muster in court. Impeding traffic if I am actually following the law? I am just not sure a judge would really uphold that.

      • Lea Thrace says:

        I get what you are saying. And I get frustrated by the slow pokes too. My question is how can you legally fine me for following the law?

        • saltycracker says:

          If the person in the left lane is impeding traffic….the officer that sees this can make a judgement call and ticket them, I’d think, regardless of speed. No radar stat required, nothing to talk about.

    • notsplost says:

      Not sure how I feel about this one. One the one hand, it could have given local governments more flexibility and led to smaller scale and more fiscally responsible SPLOSTS. Or it could have just made it easier for them to raise taxes through a referendum … I can visualize the ad campaign: “it’s only a half penny … for the chil’ren!”

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