First Kingston Ad Goes Live

Last month, we told you Senate candidate Jack Kingston had purchased $1.2 million in TV time. The first of the ads is on YouTube, and according to an email sent by the campaign, you’ll start seeing the ads on statewide TV beginning Friday.


  1. xdog says:

    I didn’t watch the ad but that ‘most conservative voting record’ at the start must be based on the recent poll (National Journal?). That reference will juice Broun. I’ve already heard him talk about ‘Boehner-Republicans’ but the opening shows Kingston doesn’t care. I believe he’s done the math. He must think he’s the man to beat.

  2. TheEiger says:

    So I should vote for Jack because he drives a POS car?

    This just says he is too cheap to spend his own money on a new car , but has no problem spending taxpayers’ money on millions of dollars in earmarks.

  3. These candidates are going to waste a lot of money on TV this year… media consumption has changed dramatically. I DVR everything I watch… even “live” programming like the 6 PM news… then I skip all commercials and fast forward thru news segments I have no interest in. Sorry guys and gals, I for one will never see your ads.

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