Update: Brookhaven May … Or May Not … Get Google Fiber

On Wednesday night, Brookhaven City Councilman Bates Mattison announced the city had been selected to receive Google Fiber.

Shortly after 12:30 pm on Thursday, Mattison sent this clarification:

Is Google Fiber coming to Brookhaven?
Is Google Fiber coming to Brookhaven?

“I would like to clarify that though Brookhaven is one of the nine metro Atlanta cities being considered to receive Google Fiber, no final selections or decisions have been made. Brookhaven is working with the Google team to provide information regarding the city’s infrastructural capacity to support this project. I assure you that I, along with my fellow council members, are working with city staff to do everything we can to bring fiber to Brookhaven. We are all very excited that Google has identified Brookhaven as one of 34 cities nationwide to potentially receive Google Fiber. However, the decision regarding which cities will receive Google Fiber will be announced by Google by the end of this year.”

As earlier reported on Peach Pundit, Brookhaven was on a list of cities in consideration, but Mattison, according to the Brookhaven Post, said Wednesday night the municipality had actually been selected.

Here are Mattison’s Wednesday night comments:

“While Google has asked for confidentiality regarding the details of their Google Fiber launch in Brookhaven & Metro Atlanta, I can confirm that all of the cities listed on their webpage, including Brookhaven, have been selected to receive Google Fiber.

“Our city staff is already working to put together the information requested by Google, so that they may determine how and when to deploy Google Fiber in the Metro Atlanta region. Google representatives were impressed with the online petition and asked that those people interested in their service instead please sign up on their Get updates page  to keep informed of Google Fiber’s progress.

“The city of Brookhaven is very excited to be one of the metro Atlanta cities selected to receive Google Fiber. I assure you our staff will continue to work closely with Google throughout this process. I believe this is a benefit to our areas economic development, and drives innovation through increased competition in this market for internet and television service.”


  1. Stefan says:

    “While Google has asked for confidentiality, I am not entirely sure what that word means and my internet is too slow to verify it before making a statement, so I’ll go ahead and announce it.”

  2. Michael Silver says:

    I’d love to get Google Fiber in East Cobb. East Cobb would be perfect …. good demographics and home of the Braves.

  3. zedsmith says:

    I suspect there isn’t much dark fiber laid in the vast expanses of single family residences and retail space in East Cobb.

    And that the Braves are fleeing to a part of town thats east cobb adjacent doesn’t really recommend it to google much, either.

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