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Previously In Georgia Politics… 
Yesterday Was Sam Moore’s Best Day Ever. No crazy talk about sex predators loitering near playgrounds or citizens shooting police officers. Instead, everyone spent yesterday talking about how Georgia should or should not pass a law that might or might not permit discrimination against same-sex couples (just as Arizona might or might not) which would also preserve liberty and destroy equality while both permitting and requiring Jesus to bake cakes, but probably won’t get us a SuperBowl. Here’s the casualty report from the narrative war:

Currently Dead, Pining For Fjords: The House Version of the religious freedom Bill, HB 1023. House Judiciary Chairman Wendell Willard said ​“Can’t see it happening. It came in rather late in the session. Too many proponents and opponents…” Bills with both proponents and opponents often get caught in crossfires.

Just A Flesh Wound! The Senate version of religious freedom legislation, SB 377, is likely to make it to the floor and has a second sponsor, President Pro Tempore David Shafer. As Jim Galloway notes, that matters, even though the AJC legislatometer gives it less than a 50% chance of passing.

Only “Mostly” Dead: The resolution to permit independent school systems in Dunwoody and Brookhaven, HR 486, won’t make it this year. As noted by Dick Williams in the Dunwoody Crier, “State Rep. Tom Taylor (R-Dunwoody) asked Monday that the bill not be moved from the House Rules Committee to the floor after hearing from the majority whip that it didn’t have the 120 votes on the floor to pass as a constitutional amendment, a much higher bar than regular legislation.” Sorry, DeKalb parents. Hope those school board elections work out.

Legislation Is A Dish Best Served Cold A proposal to eliminate potential conflicts of interest for members of the Board of the Department of Community Health would “prohibit board membership for anyone having an “ownership interest in an entity or program” licensed or regulated by DCH.” Why who could be caught in such a conflict of interest? How about “Richard Jackson, the chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare in Alpharetta. His company provides hospitals with physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, and hospitals are regulated by the DCH’s Healthcare Facility Regulation division.”  You mean the guy behind the Patient Compensation Act? Yep.

Gentlemen Don’t Read Each Other’s Mail” Henry Stimson believed that, but he only ran for office once –and lost. Lobbyist Jay Morgan, however, is backing Tricia Pridemore in the race for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, and was invited to a fundraiser by Glenn Delk, who supports State Rep. Ed Lindsey. Rather than just simply turn down an emailed invitation to a fundrais
er, Morgan replied to Delk and not only dismissed Lindsey as an “angry white male,” (oooh) and a “lawyer,” (Gasp!) -he cc’d Rep Lindsey. Greg Bluestein got hold of the email and explained the
exchange as “double awkward.” No kidding.​ Lindsey’s reaction was reserved: Don’t bash lawyers (such as Nathan Deal, an attorney who was also in Congress) and “don’t cc your opponent in emails.
On Tonight’s Episode…

Pace Martha Stewart, MLK Statue Would Be “A Good Thing”  Jeanne Bonner at GPB News reports that there’s a suspicious lack of suspicion of the motives behind the idea of putting up a statue of Dr. King on the grounds of the Capitol. “People who could cry politics and could gnash their teeth about how long it’s taken instead say Deal’s done a good thing.” And House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal is on board, which doesn’t hurt.

One Statue Good, 10 Commandments BETTER! As part of House Bill 702, sponsored by Rep. Greg Morris, (R-Vidalia) the monument would feature the biblical rules on one side and the preambles of the Georgia and U.S. constitutions on the other side.​” We are fine with placing such a monument on State grounds, as long as at least a quorum of both the House and Senate are able to recite the Commandments and the preambles whenever anyone asks.

Let The Hat-Tossing Begin! Insurance agent and Tea Party activist Marty Harbin will be running for the 16th State Senate District, seeking to replace Ronnie Chance, who’s not running for reelection.

Paul Broun Says Liberals Fear Him – And he’s got a TV commercial to prove it. Attention Paul Broun campaign advisers: Raise money with a bumper sticker that says “Real Liberals Fear Paul Broun.” You could sell them to both sides.

Coming Soon…

Can Strife In Venezuela Be Lessened? What Does Jimmy Carter Say? Former President Jimmy Carter has sent letters to both Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Henrique Capriles, and offered to meet if they’re willing to “send signals of their willingness to alleviate the present state of tension.” Carter has had a hand in Venezuelan electins and in mediating…”talks between the socialist government and opposition following a 2002 coup that briefly unseated then President Hugo Chavez.” So is the current situation kind of his fault? In the best campaign video ever, Jimmy Carter says Yes!

Who Said It? We have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers, and especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” Alex Sink, Democratic congressional candidate in Florida. So when you hear a Georgia proposal to issue drivers’ licenses in English described as “anti-immigrant” legislation by Jay Bookman in the AJC, ask yourself which side of this debate really wants immigrants to be able to move up the economic ladder.

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  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Red state GOP religious freedom legislation, whether enacted or not, is another gift to the Dems. It will be used in purple state to advertise the type of legislation to expect when the GOP controls government.

    • pettifogger says:

      I somewhat agree, though I think this is a fight worth fighting. Not necessarily now or in this manner, but I find the blow back (to the issue, not just the bill/cake fiascos) really disturbing.

      Are we truly so pathetic as a society that we cannot take on the added responsibility of being selective consumers and rewarding/punishing businesses? The core of this debate is not discrimination or bigotry, but apathy and cowering in the face of having to take this small role away from government.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        There’s a problem in the ability to be selective. Customers that object to a business’ religion freedom discrimination may never know the business does so.

        And what about employees? Presumably they can’t be fired for their exercising religious freedom to refuse to serve gays. Now how to select? Refuse to patronize the business, damaging the employer and other employees, because of one employee? Or indirectly support the employee by continuing to patronize his employer?

    • David C says:

      And dropping it in Red States that can lean purple in the right circumstances (Arizona, Georgia) makes even less sense. Georgia’s Republican, but it’s not South Carolina or Wyoming.

  2. SmyrnaModerate says:

    I found it interesting that when Delta issued it’s statement against the Arizona legislation is also specifically called out Georgia’s pending legislation as well as a kind of preemptive strike. See

  3. Three Jack says:

    Disappointed to see Sen. McKoon as a sponsor of the senate anti-gay bill. What a waste of time, kind of like sitting in traffic around Atlanta, the traffic that has yet to be addressed while pols are busy wrapping up another useless legislative session.

  4. Harry says:

    The homosexual lobby is making clear that they will seek to limit others’ individual freedoms in order to advance their own ungodly agenda.

  5. ieee says:

    Sam Moore was doing “Crazy talk”? He may be the most sane person in Georgia’s legislature. And someone with a spine.

    Just say “sex offender” and everyone loses their little minds. How about having it be illegal for anyone to “loiter” at a school? Is that not illegal already? Really?

    What is all this BS about how it is so important to “protect children” (as if) by not allowing people who are listed on your big government Sex Offender Registry (SOR) to “loiter” around schools? What idiocy. What exactly do you expect to happen? If a person is not listed on an SOR, then I assume he/she is free to wander or “loiter” around schools any way that they like?

    I would suggest that it probably should be illegal for anyone to “loiter” at a school for no reason. I would also suggest that schools should probably monitor everyone and not be such idiots worrying about “sex offenders”. Or would they really prefer than people who have only SHOT children “loiter” around their schools?

    You know, whether you emotion-thinking people would like to admit it or not, people who shoot people are much, much more dangerous than pretty much anyone listed on your glorious SORs. There are many more examples like that. And there are no legitimate reasons to brainlessly harass “sex offenders” repeatedly and in ever-increasingly useless ways, and not already have the rest of the big government Registries created. Until those Registries are created, we will all continue to know that the SORs are not really about “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other lies.

    • John Vestal says:

      From Tom Crawford:

      Here’s a verbatim exchange from floor debate in the Georgia House on a bill to prohibit driving in the left-hand lane of a multi-lane highway:

      “There’s no way this’ll affect NASCAR, is there?”

      “Not unless they amend it in the Senate.”


    • bgsmallz says:

      Where is the LIBERTY! movement on this bill? How can we let big government and the nanny state dictate against our right to drive slow!

      Just so I get this right…requiring helmets because of safety, nanny state. requiring people to drive fast because of the inconvenience of being behind slow drivers, TOTALLY COOL!

      Nice philosophy you have there.

      • saltycracker says:

        Creating a nuisance in the left lane violates my liberty.
        No helmet, no insurance should get you no “free” ride to the hospital.

    • saltycracker says:

      There is nothing more infuriating than a left lane slow poke but even worse, a sign in front of a beach bar that discriminates against the female “no shoes, no shirt” sect.

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