Question For Mayor Kasim Reed? Ask Him On Facebook

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed will be having a social media town hall on Facebook this afternoon.  Follow the link here at 5:00pm if you would like to ask him a question.  You can of course feel free to leave him questions here in the comments, but as I don’t plan on passing them along you may wish to try Facebook if you want actual answers.


  1. ieee says:

    It should be illegal for any U.S. government to conduct business on Facebook because Facebook demands that some U.S. citizens do not participate. Governments which conduct business on Facebook should be sued.

        • ieee says:

          Just a slight correction – It’s not that people who are listed on a Sex Offender Registry (SOR) cannot post on Facebook, it is that Facebook does not want listed people to use their services.

          But their desires are ineffective, just like the SORs themselves, and Facebook’s BS is exactly the only reason why every single person who is listed on an SOR should be on Facebook. Other than helping Facebook by increasing their “number of users” count, a person who is listed on an SOR should use every legal means available to harm Facebook, the same as should be done to anyone who supports the SORs. This is a war on harassing terrorists.

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