Morning Reads: 24 February 2014

Boy was there some drama on Friday. Maybe today will be a little bit more relaxing as we ease back from the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, here’s what happened.


Georgia has expanded it’s Advanced Placement program, but there still needs to be some improvement.
Georgia Regents University is pioneering research into blast injuries.
The Raw Milk bill doesn’t seem to be getting any traction, even amongst those in favor of raw milk.
Fulton County Sheriff deputy runs an illegal night club.
Atlanta is trying to beef up its tech credentials in Silicon Valley.


Well, there goes net neutrality.
This is what happens when you don’t think a prank all the way through.
Ted Nugent offers an apology, but some doubt it’s sincerity.
Ukraine continues its spiral, can be seen as the new battle ground between East and West.
Things aren’t looking to well in Venezuela either.

Everything Else

Paula Deen is back.

Quite possibly the best business model ever.



  1. Jon Lester says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the same people who wanted to help jihadists in Syria would not be above using fascists to destabilize Ukraine, but I’m still disgusted with this administration and its EU partners for actively interfering. I’ve been talking to people in the Crimean peninsula and they’re not happy about things at all.

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