Eugene Yu Drops Senate Bid, Enters 12th District Race

If you’re at tonight’s Senate debate, you might notice there are only seven candidates instead of the normal eight. That’s because as has been rumored for the last few weeks, Eugene Yu has dropped out, deciding instead to run against John Barrow in the 12th District. Yu will face off against Rick Allen, Delvis Dutton and John Stone in the May primary.

This strategy worked for Austin Scott, who abandoned his chase for the Governor’s seat to run for the eighth district seat he now occupies. We will see if the same will work for Yu.

Full press release below the fold.

Eugene Yu Enters the 12th Congressional District Race

Augusta, Georgia-

“I am announcing today that I am entering the race for the 12th Congressional district of Georgia.

In early May 2013, I made the decision to enter the US Senate race because, like many of you, I was not satisfied with our politicians and what has been going on in Washington. My parents immigrated to this country over 40 years ago to this great land of opportunity. This country has allowed me to fulfill and live the American Dream. But, this American Dream has been eroding away every day because of the current political and economic environment. Collectively, our past and current politicians have brought our great nation to a breaking point and their lack of backbone has put our nation on the doorstep of financial ruin.

This campaign has taken me all over Georgia. I have met many great people and listened to their concerns while discussing many ways to restore the American Dream. Being blessed with donors, supporters, and countless volunteers in my district, I realized that I need to give back to my home town and my district first, where it has given me the most.

Many have tried and failed, but I know I will bring the 12th Congressional seat back into Republican hands. The people of our district deserve a true conservative representing them, and with a servant’s heart I will be that person.

With my campaign team running on all cylinders and with the strength of our supporters across the state, I will be the hardest working candidate during this election, focusing my attention on the needs of the people of the 12th Congressional district.

Take notice John Barrow, your career as a Washington politician is coming to an end! Washington is getting a Yu Turn!”