Morning Reads for Friday, February 21, 2014

– The Eye of Sauron turns on the GHSA.
– New cities make Safest Cities list.
Sine Die is March 20.
Super-fast internetz may come to Atlanta. Faster, please.
Morris Brown for sale.
– The latest on lobbying.

– The Illuminati. Or something.
– FCC to monitor newsrooms? Elizabeth Scalia says, “Not so fast…”
– Good Lord, is this starting again? Egad.
– If California splits into six states, where does the Hotel go?

Random Everywhere:
– The TSA wants your tin foil. For hats, I suppose.
– If you want to see Manchester United on their US exhibition tour, you’ll have to go to Charlotte. Sigh.
“Micro-agression.” What the what?
– When everything is politicized.


  1. Harry says:

    I allow one point for bronze, two points for silver, and three points for gold. According to my reckoning, here are the standings at this time: 1-Russia…2/3-Canada & USA (tie)…4-Norway…5-Germany.

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