Morning Reads — Thursday, February 20, 2014

On this day in 1792, George Washington signed the U.S. Postal  Service Act creating the USPS. Damn him.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Noway says:

    Didn’t see this in Jessica’s list but I’d love to hear comments about Obama’s FCC wanting to get info from various media outlets as to how they present their stories and things like that. Greta was about as emotional as I’ve seen her last night talking about it. Essentially, she said “Ain’t none of your effing business how I choose, present or any-damn-thing else about our way of doing business.”
    Ever hear of the First Amendment, Mr. FCC Chairman? Both freedom of the press and freedom of speech. This is beyond creepy! Return of the Fairness Doctrine? We don’t need the gov’t meddling into how the media and press do their job and I mean that for the most leftest of leftest outlets as well as the rightest of rightest.

  2. gcp says:

    Good move by Chuck Martin to end the idiotic $5000 tax credit for electric cars. Just another reason why we need a fair tax in Ga.

  3. Jon Lester says:

    If this administration attempts to further interfere in Ukraine, then it will totally deserve a new round of humiliation by Putin. Yanukovich and the current parliament were democratically elected, fair and square. The protesters include quite a few fascists and openly neo-Nazi elements, and not only has all the talk of instability come from that side, they’ve also been doing most of the shooting with real bullets.

    • Harry says:

      Hey, we agree. Politicians tend to position and talk too much for their own supposed political advantages, especially when they have no idea of the consequences.

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