Senate Majority Leader Ronnie Chance To Retire

Senate Majority Leader Ronnie Chance announced this morning that he will not seek re-election.  He told his colleagues from the well of the Senate of his intentions.

Chance was first elected to the Senate in 2004 in an open seat created by a Republican led redistricting effort.  He was elected to the position of Majority Leader after the 2012 elections.  The two years under his leadership have resulted in “relative calm” among the Senate caucus, in stark contrast to the tenure of his predecessor which was marked by constant feuding with the Lieutenant Governor.  His exit will immediately begin speculation about his successor for the leadership post.  The behind the scenes maneuvering has likely begun.

Chance’s district includes most of Fayette County, as well as Spalding, Pike, and Lamar counties.  Chance’s announcement gives those wishing to succeed him plenty of time to decide on a candidacy before qualifying begins in March.

On a personal note, our readers may be aware that I haven’t written much about Chance since his election to the Senate.  We both graduated from Fayette County High School one year apart, and we worked on many campaigns together in the late 90’s.  I’ve managed to keep “Icarus” far enough away from him to not entangle him in the goings on here over the years, but have enjoyed being able to observe his elected career from this seat.  He’s managed to carry himself throughout this portion of his career as I would have expected him to, and frankly, I’m proud of what he’s done.

Today is his day.  I’ll manage to keep my own speculation of who will likely enter the race for this seat and for Majority Leader at another time.


  1. Jane says:

    I was a classmate of Ronnie’s years ago. He is a solid person and a good State Senator. The words hard working and reliable come to mind. Good Luck

  2. northside101 says:

    Some political data on this district:

    2010 US Senate: Isakson 74%, Thurmond 23%

    2010 Governor: Deal 69%, Barnes 27%

    2010 Lt Governor: Cagle 70%, Porter 26%

    2012 President: Romney 69%, Obama 29% (according to data from Sec of State, blacks accounted for 17% of the district’s total turnout, whites 74%, Asians and Hispanics each 1% and “others” 7%)

    2012 Republican Presidential Primary—aboutt 27,000 total votes cast, with Gingrich taking 51% here, Romney 24%, Santorum 19% and Ron Paul 6%. Since Gingrich represented a lot of SD 16 way back when, it would have been expected for him to easily win this district, which he did, with Romney, while losing the district, running much better in the Fayette part of the district than in the less densely populated Lamar, Pike and Spalding County portions.

  3. I don’t know him personally but many Democratic friends like him. Wonder if he just got tired of doing it and wants to make a real living or if the atmosphere just sucks and its not worth it anymore.

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