Martin Endorsements Indicate More Balfour Trouble

As mentioned earlier, Don Balfour has drawn another A-list challenger in the form of former County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau.

This evening, Balfour’s other announced challenger, former Lawrenceville City Councilman P.K. Martin, has rolled out a list of endorsements.  We don’t normally do a lot of “Candidate gets endorsed by______” posts around here, but we’ll let you judge from this list of those willing to be public with support of a challenger as to whether it’s an indication of local support finally slipping away from the Senate’s Teflon Don:

Grayson Mayor Allison Wilkerson

Grayson Councilmember Laurie Anderson

Lawrenceville Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson

Lawrenceville Councilmember Tony Powell

Lawrenceville Councilmember Keith Roche

Lawrenceville Councilmember Marie Beiser

Lilburn Mayor Johnny Crist

 Snellville Mayor Pro-Tem Tom Witts

Snellville Councilmember Bobby Howard

Snellville Councilmember Barbara Bender

Snellville Councilmember Dave Emmanuel


Talk among yourselves.