Morning Reads: 17 February 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed House of Cards weekend. Unfortunately we have another year to wait for Season 3. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


ICYMI Friday: The Attorney General wants the investigation of Douglas County District Attorney McDade to go before a grand jury.
Today is Presidents Day, but the General Assembly will be in session. Remarkably, several U.S. Post office locations will also be open today to make up for the backlog left behind from last week’s storm.
Georgia isn’t one of the Exodus states, instead more people are coming here to keep more of their income.
Apparently there was an earthquake at some point Friday night. And an aftershock Sunday afternoon.
Georgia’s death penalty is back in the courts, this time over secrecy.
ACA enrollment in Georgia hits 100,000.
The storm is long over, but some are still out of power.

And, let’s not say there wasn’t tragedy from the storm. The Eisenhower tree was damaged.  And, sadly, is no more.


Volkswagen employees reject UAW.
Ted Cruz as seen by Dana Milbank: he did himself no favors this past week.
The cannabis experiment in Colorado.
Australia spying on  US interests?
Sec. Kerry urges action on climate change in Indonesia.

Everything Else

I believe this meets the definition of irony.
Kickstarter got hacked, go change your passwords.


  1. drjay says:

    i don’t know if it was supposed to be a joke or not, but an actual quote from the comment section of the espn story about ike’s tree was “about time, i never did care for that tree, may it rot in hell” so there you go…

  2. Lea Thrace says:

    I almost hate to mention it for fear of jinxing but:

    Thank you for removing the tweets as comments function. It has made reading comments so much better. Those things were many levels of annoying.

    • analogkid says:

      Now if they’ll just bring back the “new” tags on comments, everything will be right with the world.

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