Buzz Brockway Seeking Re-Election

Ok, there’s 180 members of the House, but there’s only one that is an Editor here at Peach Pundit.  Buzz probably gets a lot more grief than he does benefit from his continued association with us.  He’s routinely singled out by folks that believe they can get him to make a quote here that serves their political purposes rather than to further debate.  Despite such, he’s the same Buzz Brockway that was here before I was, and the same Buzz Brockway that he was before he was sworn in as a member of Georgia’s House.  He’s a man I’m proud to call my friend, and extremely happy he will offer himself for continued public service.

His press release is below the fold:

(Lawrenceville) Representative Buzz Brockway announced today he would
seek reelection to the State House of Representatives. For the past
four years Brockway has represented district 102 covering parts of
Lawrenceville and Suwanee. “It’s been an honor to represent the people
of Lawrenceville and Suwanee in the State House and I’d be honored to
continue to represent their interests at our State Capitol for the
next two years” Brockway said.

Buzz Brockway has been named a ‘Defender of Liberty” by the American
Conservative Union for the past two years, and scored 100% on
Legislative scorecards for Americans For Prosperity and the National
Federation of Independent Businesses. Buzz holds a B+ average from the
Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and an A+ average from the Georgia
Parents Alliance.

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished during my two terms in office
but much more needs to be done. We’re starting to see improvement in
the job market and the State economy is beginning to rebound because
of the hard work of so many Georgians and a favorable business
climate. However, we have a long way to go to get to where we want to
be. I will continue to fight to make Georgia the best place in America
to work, live, and raise children” Brockway said.

Buzz Brockway was first elected to the State House of Representatives
in November of 2010. He is a Majority Caucus Deputy Whip and serves as
Vice Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee. He is also a
member of the Appropriations, Economic Development, and Insurance

Buzz has been involved in local politics since the mid-1990’s and
served as Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party from 2002 – 2005.
He also served the Gwinnett Republican Party as a Precinct Captain,
District Manager and 2nd Vice Chairman. Since 2005 Buzz has blogged at
Peach Pundit, the State’s most popular independent political blog. He
is a 1990 graduate of Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in
Management Science and runs a small business in Lawrenceville with his
wife Christa. They are the proud parents of three daughters; Hope,
Grace, and Joy. The Brockways are active members of Victory World
Church at Hamilton Mill. Buzz has lived Lawrenceville since 1976.

For more information visit Buzz Brockway’s campaign website at, follow him on Twitter at or “friend” him on Facebook at


  1. Colin Martin says:

    I am very proud to call Buzz my friend. He is among the very finest people I know. He is also a 2001 graduate of the Coverdell Leadership Institute. We need more with your character at all levels of government, my friend.

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