Ashley Bell, Tim Scott, and Education

I had the opportunity yesterday to go to a fundraiser for Senator Tim Scott. This would not be unusual, it is fundraising season. However, it is a Senator from South Carolina and the event was organized with help from Ashley Bell. You may remember Ashley Bell from Jessica’s post in early January.

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You’ll have to forgive me for the photo, I’m not nearly the photographer that some others are ::cough:: Jon Richards ::cough::

Bell, former Hall County Commissioner and possible state school superintendent contender, has now brought two high profile senators to Georgia to talk about education policy. I had the chance to listen to Senator Scott embrace charter schools and talk about the advantages that charter students in the DC area have over other public school attendees.

Scott had an impressive list of statistics about the costs of education, in the DC area the cost per student is about $20,000, where as at the equivalent charter school in DC that cost was only $8500 per student. Couple this with the higher likelihood of charter school graduates in the area to go on to two and four year institutions of higher learning.

Since Bell is openly considering a bid to join in the race for State School Superintendent, it is likely that some of these same conservative ideas would be implemented should he join the race and should he win.

Should Bell get into the race, and I’ve been told there in an announcement on that decision coming soon, Bell has already shown how he’ll differentiate from the others in this crowded field. Should he continue to bring names like Senators Paul and Scott to Atlanta, he’ll have some big name help to get his name out above the other dozen or so candidates.



  1. ryanhawk says:

    I don’t see how Ashley benefits from jumping into this very crowded — and very good — field of candidates. What does he bring to the race that one or more of the other declared candidates can’t match or trump? Charters and choice are already an important dimension of this race, and several of the candidates have a real track record in education and education advocacy that charter/choice advocates can look to in deciding how to vote. Ashley has a lot to offer, but not much would differentiate him in a positive way in this one.

      • DeKalb Inside Out says:

        Like any other race, you have to pay attention. How many people on the street can tell the difference between Perdue, Gingrey, Handel and Kingston in the race for the US Senate seat? They’ve been spending millions on TV ads.

        I’ll say some State Superintendent candidates support Common Core and some don’t. Some understand the 4 Year Graduation Cohort and some don’t. One candidate would like to increase the graduation rate by bringing back the ‘D’ … ‘D’ for diploma. Etc …

        You just have to pay attention.

  2. Blake says:

    I really need to know what it is about DC and New Orleans charter schools that makes them so much better than all other charter schools–i.e., why they beat charter schools’ overall record of producing exactly the same mediocre results as traditional public schooling.

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