Morning Reads — Thursday, February 13, 2014

On this day…I am sick of living in Georgia with our terrible weather. Rainy, cool summers and snowy winters. Where’s the hot and suffocating summer? Today’s Morning Reads will not address anything #Atlantartica related. Except this. And did anyone mention it’s bacon week in Jersey?

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum

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  1. Ellynn says:

    It was hot and suffocating this last summer on the coast last summer. You could be at my mother’s where the temp hit a above 10 with out a negitive in front of it for the first time in 37 days. She has had 31 inches of snow total since December My brother tells me the snow bank off the driveway is over 6 feet and the kids dug an snow fort into it. And my third cousin’s father – law caught a 161 lb. sturgeon ice fishing.

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