AYR Straw Poll Results

The Atlanta Young Republicans conducted a straw poll showing…that the race for the US Senate is a jump ball even within their ranks.  So, they decided to be a bit unique (bonus points awarded for creativity) and look at cross support within the GA-11 Congressional Race.  Just for funsies, there’s also a question about medical marijuana. I’ll let their release speak for itself:

ATLANTA—From February 5-9, 2014, the Atlanta Young Republicans (AYR) conducted the organization’s first straw poll, offering three targeted questions and attracting 356 respondents.  Results are listed below, followed by an analysis of voting trends across ballot questions.


For which Republican candidate will you vote in the May Senate primary?

Jack Kingston (AYR January 2014 keynote) 19.58%
Karen Handel (AYR November 2013 keynote) 18.37%
David Perdue (AYR June 2013 keynote) 17.17%
Paul Broun (unable to schedule) 17.17%
Phil Gingrey (AYR September 2013 keynote) 13.86%
Undecided 13.86%


For which Republican candidate will you vote in the 11th Congressional District primary?

Barry Loudermilk (AYR February 2014 keynote) 39.00%
Tricia Pridemore (AYR September 2013 keynote) 26.39%
Undecided 17.60%
Edward Lindsey (AYR April 2014 keynote) 9.38%
Bob Barr (AYR August 2013 keynote) 7.62%


Should Georgia legalize marijuana?

No, maintain current law. 35.92%
Yes, legalize for medicinal use. 24.43%
Yes, legalize for all purposes. 21.26%
Undecided 18.39%



As with any open straw poll, the most zealous supporters will inflate the results.  Although we attempted to impose some restrictions, a poll which is disseminated by email will be subject to outside influences.  Nonetheless, correlations about how one candidate’s supporters vote on other ballot questions can be informative.  Here are several trends identified in AYR’s straw poll:


  • Paul Broun’s supporters predominately voted for Barry Loudermilk (35.19%) or were undecided (33.33%).  Barry Loudermilk’s supporters, however, were more split in the U.S. Senate primary, with “Undecided” (25.81%), Karen Handel (20.97%), Phil Gingrey (16.13%), and Paul Broun (15.32%) leading among Loudermilk’s supporters.
  • Among Loudermilk’s supporters, the largest majority (68.42%) of any candidate favored keeping current marijuana laws.
  • Phil Gingrey’s supporters predominately voted for Tricia Pridemore (52.17%) or Barry Loudermilk (43.48%) for CD-11.  Gingrey’s supporters also supported maintaining current marijuana laws in Georgia (56.52%).
  • Karen Handel’s supporters largely supported Barry Loudermilk (45.61%) or Edward Lindsey (21.05%) for CD-11.
  • Jack Kingston’s supporters showed no clear tendencies on the congressional ballot or on the marijuana issue.
  • David Perdue’s supporters tended to support Tricia Pridemore (40.35%) for CD-11.  The next highest placing choices were Barry Loudermilk (22.81%) and “Undecided” (22.81%).
  • Bob Barr’s supporters tended to support Jack Kingston (38.46%) and Paul Broun (30.77%) for U.S. Senate.  They were also likely to conclude that marijuana should be legal for all purposes (57.69%) or medicinal purposes (19.23%).
  • Edward Lindsey’s supporters were split between Jack Kingston (40.63%) and Karen Handel (37.50%) for U.S. Senate.
  • Tricia Pridemore’s supporters were split among Phil Gingrey (27.91%), David Perdue (26.74%), and Jack Kingston (22.09%) for U.S. Senate.

Notable Write-In Ballots:

Several candidates received write-in support as follows:


  • Art Gardner received 10 write-in votes, 8 of which were made between 10:04-10:40 a.m. on the first day.  One particularly enthusiastic supporter wrote in Mr. Gardner for both U.S. Senate and for Congressional District 11.
  • Eugene Yu also received a write-in vote.
  • One Democratic interloper wrote in Michelle Nunn to win the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.  That person also supports the complete legalization of marijuana.  We suspect that ample amounts of the latter would be required to result in the former.


AYR may conduct one additional straw poll at its final regular meeting before the primary election.


For inquiries, please contact [email protected].


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The Atlanta Young Republicans (AYR) are the nation’s second largest Young Republican club.  In 2012, AYR was recognized as the national large club of the year.  AYR has a regular monthly happy hour on the second Thursday of each month at various locations in Atlanta.  AYR has its monthly business meeting with at least one keynote speaker on the fourth Wednesday of each month at Five Seasons Brewing – Westside.  http://www.atlantayoungrepublicans.org