Of Disclosures and Discourse

Disclosures are in, and while they are not THE determining factor for a candidate’s ability to win, they do determine the ability to buy the necessary attributes for a successful campaign.  While having lots of money on hand is always helpful, the ability to raise a significant amount of money in a short amount of time (and from where that money comes) is also notable in consideration of success.  Jason Carter’s initial disclosure, anyone?

Speaking of the Senator, the folks vying for his seat have been busy raising money.  I got buzzed Friday afternoon en route to a Republican rendez-vous from Parent’s campaign touting her $100K upcoming disclosure.  She raised this in three weeks.  Nice.

Williams not only has less money to report, it is my understanding that his burn rate is higher.  This will make his ability to effectively message and GOTV later in the primary more challenging.   He also raised his money in three months, not weeks.

A look at Parent’s kick-off party invitation showed her to be more of the establishment choice in this race, with Williams more the populist.  A look at their endorsement list affirmed this for me as well.  At a recent MAAP meeting I discussed Williams’ campaign with folks from the LBQT community.  I was surprised that only one gentleman spoke about the candidate.  I live in Midtown, and have heard little chatter among neighbors of his campaign.  Maybe I am in the wrong circle, but it would seem that this would be a base from which Williams could easily draw.  If he has already exhausted this low-hanging fruit, that’s not good.

Both candidates are young, unquestionably intelligent, progressive-but-not-reactionary individuals who have previously held elected office.  It will be a difficult choice for their district to make, but the choice will be made for them if messaging and staff cannot be afforded.  It’s early yet for issues to divide these two, and probably they agree on many points.  Right now, voters are left with little policy substance.

Williams gets points from this blogger on his bow-ties, openness about his sexuality (still unfortunately unique in politics in this state), and mentioning his dog in his biography, but Parent touts her experience, which matters (or at least should) in an election.  She seems to be running on her resume.  He’s running on his charm.  We’ll see how that shakes out in the primary.

“Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated.”-Will Rogers



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