Morning Reads: 10 February 2014


Another Beautiful weekend, only to be followed by another winter advisory. Here’s what else is in the news.


Hazing in Kappa Alpha Psi at UGA.
Our Senate race has the best political ads so far in 2014.
Legislation in the Georgia Senate could add new oversight to Community service boards.
Panic at the Tabernacle during Panic at the Disco concert.
Hopes for veterans housing facility, still alive.

National International

Anti bailout platform may backfire for GOP.
Eric Holder announces Justice Department will take steps to ensure “lawful same-sex marriages full and equal recognition, to the greatest extent possible under the law.”
Why we need immigration reform, a Republican perspective.
Aid workers are able to get back into Homs, Syria.
Swiss voters tighten immigration controls.

Everything Else

The Beatles, 50 Years after Ed Sullivan.
Time banks are coming back in the US.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    I helped make a tape for a ΚΑΨ step show, 25 years ago, when I was in the same hall at Russell as a member who was a chemistry major at UGA on a baseball scholarship.

  2. Harry says:

    Can one of you legals explain how Obama’s DOJ can impose guidelines which clearly contravene congressional legislation?

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