Morning Reads — Thursday, February 6, 2014

On this day in 1777, Georgia became the first state to adopt a new state constitution which specifically eliminated primogeniture (favoritism to the eldest son) and entail (leaving land with only one male heir).
Also on this day in 1917, Mexico proclaimed their own Constitution. Bless them.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. John Konop says:

    I saw Bill Krystal on the Morning Joe show talking about the 16 race for the White House. He and Joe scuffled about what is a real conservative……the key issue was foreign policy….Krystal, a proud Neocon considers pro national building as being real conservative. Ironically Jeff pointed out Hillary was closer to his views…..than the non nation building crowd… much of an issue will this be in 16? How many of you think that fiscal conservatives, but anti national building people like myself are not real conservatives? What is fiscally conservative about nation building?

  2. Rick Day says:

    We have serious issues with the so called medical cannabis bill named after a babby, but we will not oppose it. Not with 85 co sponsors LOL.

    1. It does not meet the muster of local conservative reformers Rule #1: that any cannabis reform be revenue neutral, or revenue enhancing. This policy has cost the state enough; reform should include revenue reforms as well.

    2. The bill does not address how the oil is brought to GA. Until Federal law is changed, the only thing states can do is allow growing facilities within the state. Transporting cannabis across state lines is illegal, even if the state government allows it. It won’t work otherwise. You don’t think the other states have tried to carve out these tiny niches?

    The parents here are not willing to work with those in the state who are far more knowledgeable, avoiding any other reform that does meet their VERY narrow need as if it were evil. Why can’t we have access to cannabis for anyone, rather than just a few hundred people?

    PS: some legislators are worried about loosely worded legislation helping ‘the real people’ who need this stuff. IANAL but all we can say is “Mack Truck” size holes.

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