Collins Ranked Georgia’s Most Conservative in Congress

doug collins

In its annual rating of Congress released on Thursday, National Journal identified Ninth District Congressman Doug Collins as the most conservative member of Georgia’s congressional delegation and the 16th most conservative House member overall.

In a statement, Collins said, “I tell people all the time that Northeast Georgia is where you’ll find the ‘complete conservative’—those highly informed citizens who carefully consider both social and economic factors when they make their decisions.

“My district wants to see conservatism that works.  They want to see their values expressed in an effective way.  That’s what I’ve set out to do for them, and I’m glad one of the most fair and respected publications in Washington recognized that.”

National Journal has been assessing and ranking members of Congress on the ideological scale since 1981. 

The nonpartisan ranking system took into consideration the 641 House votes taken in the first session of the 113th Congress.  Here’s an explanation for the publication’s methodology

The  complete ratings, broken down by state delegation, can be found here.


  1. xdog says:

    Those rankings are hard to figure. Jack Kingston ranks right behind Collins. Paul Broun is the least conservative goper. I’m confused.

  2. northside101 says:

    He (Collins) represents the most heavily Republican congressional district east of the Mississippi river (78% Romney). Tom Graves’ adjoining CD 14 is not far behind, at 73% Romney.

    As for Broun’s ratings, there is some libertarian streak there. And some votes may not fall neatly on liberal/conservative lines, such as the NSA/surveillance state, and even foreign intervention Pat Buchanan, often seen as archconservative, often sides with liberals these days on foreign intervention—or opposition to that.)

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